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50% Time Saved in Contract Management with A Custom Solution

About Our Client

Our client is one of the biggest commercial law firms. They provide high-quality legal services to clients from different industries such as banking and insurance, construction, capital markets, corporate, and commercial.

The Need

Our client urgently required enhancements in the contract creation, review, and negotiation process to ensure clarity and alignment with their objectives. The current method, involving switching between their user data application and the DocuSign portal, leads to substantial time wastage. Additionally, bugs and errors in the existing application pose a significant risk to their overall operational efficiency.

Our Solution

Softude successfully fixed all the problems in the client's web application, making it work better. We also connected it with DocuSign to make managing contracts easier.

Now, administrators can easily get details without switching to another platform. The application also updates document status every 20 minutes, saving time.

This improvement helps not just our client's team but also the people receiving the contracts. They don't have to struggle through long documents manually anymore, making the whole process much smoother and user-friendly.


  • 50% time-saved in contract sharing with signatories
  • 63% lower costs for sending contracts
  • 100% transparency in document status with a detailed history
  • Contract review timeline reduced from 8 weeks to 1 week

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