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How a Luxurious Hotel Improved Guest Experience with AI Hotel Chatbot?

About Our Client

Our client is a multi-chain hotel, blending modern and classic design with personalized services. Their hotel has everything- a spa, fitness center, dining options, and conference facilities- to give a comfortable and luxurious staying experience to their customers. From concierge to culinary staff, every member of their staff is highly professional. They have been a symbol of exceptional hospitality in the city for over a decade. Now, they aim to expand globally, opening new locations in key cities while upholding excellence and guest satisfaction.

The Need

While peak season brings revenue opportunities for our clients, it also presents a unique set of challenges to them. More bookings strain their staff and resources due to work overload. Hiring new staff was the only way to meet their guests’ expectations and demands. However, it increased the cost of staff management while keeping managers occupied in training new staff to ensure they meet the hotel’s standards. 

All this impacted their service quality as they had less time to focus on guests and spent more time managing bookings and resources. From check-in, and dining, to accessing room services, their guests had to wait longer than usual which hurt their reputation and profitability.  

Our Solution

Softude’s conversational AI bot for hospitality industry became a game-changer for the client. Its natural language processing ability turned the bot into a human staff who can assist guests in booking room services, luggage handling, housekeeping, and food ordering. It understands both the text and audio commands from guests, and their intentions, asks additional questions to give personal suggestions, and even performs actions like food ordering. Even guests who don’t speak the local language can easily book, order, or avail hotel services without hotel staff’s intervention as our AI bot can talk in 50+ languages. 


  • Reduced 30% wait time of guests by answering their queries quickly without staff intervention.
  • 4.5/5 ratings from satisfied guests .
  • Saved cost on additional staff as AI bot can handle guest interactions with the same level of personalization and professionalism.
  • Bookings went up by 40% even during off seasons .

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