INDEPENDENT YOU - A Not-for-Profit foundation of Systematix Infotech

January 24, 2022

INDORE, MADHYA PRADESH, INDIA, January 24, 2022 / -- INDEPENDENT YOU - A Not-for-Profit foundation of Systematix Infotech

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to a company's ongoing commitment to incorporate social and environmental issues into its operations. Changes in the global environment are forcing businesses all over the globe to look beyond their financial results and include social and environmental issues into their strategic planning.

Prior to the Companies Act of 2013, CSR was viewed as a charity activity in India. In keeping with Indian culture, it was considered that every firm has a moral responsibility to actively participate in the fulfillment of social duties, subject to the company's financial health. This article will highlight the about of a CST initiative from the side of Systematix Infotech, the “Independent You” Foundation.

What is Independent You?

There is a famous saying that Knowledge and Happiness are two of those things which increase when shared, and at Systematix Infotech we are also in favor of the same. At Systematix, we have always put care as a top priority. And the arrival of the COVID-19 Pandemic gave us another reason to come forward and express our care for our employees, their families, and also the parts of the society that were severely affected due to the pandemic.

It was estimated that the pandemic had orphaned around 2 Million children across India, resulting in the children having no primary caregiver with them. There were also families that had lost their primary earning members that concluded to the fact that those families were facing hardships in coping with their livelihood. The main affected due to the pandemic were the children, women, and senior citizens. We at Systematix Infotech directed all our efforts towards the formation of the Independent You Foundation, which was meant to help the children and people affected by the pandemic and support them in living better lives.

Independent You Foundation is a CSR Initiative of Systematix Infotech which is meant to focus on primary social problems that had arisen from the pandemic. The Independent You Foundation is focused on such problems from the grassroots level including the issues of child education, women empowerment, women employment, support to orphan kids, etc. This foundation is a helping hand for the different small groups of needy people in the society that allows them to face their challenges a supports them in various ways.

The primary aim of the Independent You Foundation is to provide support to various needy sections of society including children, women, and old age people. The Independent You Foundation will help children who do not have a family or who are disadvantaged and unable to study due to a lack of financial resources, as well as women who wish to work to support their families. The goal of this foundation will be to help children who do not have parents or who are disadvantaged, preventing them from being able to study due to a lack of financial resources. This foundation will also assist and encourage women who desire to work to support their families. This foundation will provide training and skill development so that women may find jobs or start their own small businesses.

Why Systematix Infotech has initiated this Foundation?

Systematix Infotech had launched their first CSR Initiative, The Independent You Foundation to help them in bringing a positive communal change and continue with their responsibility to give back to and help the needy communities in our society.

Systematix thought of this foundation as a thoughtful and very practical way to help society. Being conscious of their social environment, they wanted to create an impact and bring about a change. With their foundation, they look forward to helping needy children, women, and old age people with different programs and supporting them in their daily lives.

How will the Independent Youth Foundation help society?

#Supporting Women Empowerment

Gender equality is a human right, and women have the right to live with dignity and independence. Women's empowerment is also an important approach for development and poverty reduction. Empowered women are expected to improve their families' and communities' health and productivity, as well as their children's opportunities. With that said, the Independent Youth Foundation supports and promotes women empowerment in a lot of ways such as:

1. Providing them with financial support to manage their daily expenses.

2. Providing them with skill development programs to make them skilled in different areas, resulting in deprived women having to earn their own livelihood.

3. Giving them proper access to self-defense programs that enable them to become, self-supportive and contribute to women's safety.

#Supporting Child Education

In India, the number of children who do not attend school is very significant. Children are denied equitable educational opportunities due to caste, class, and gender inequality, according to UNICEF. Children who are poor or orphaned are unable to attend school. Even at a young age, they frequently drop out of school to help support themselves or their families. Children who do not receive an education will face a life of terrible poverty and may be pushed into bonded labor.

The Independent You Foundation recognizes children who are in need and meets their fundamental requirements so that they can achieve. They will have the opportunity to attend a good school that will teach, prepare, and motivate them to achieve their goals and pursue potential jobs. They also receive after-school tutoring if they require further academic assistance. Children in need may get support with food, shelter, and basic necessities in addition to education to guarantee that they are cared for.

About Systematix Infotech:

Systematix Infotech was founded in 2005 and has offices in the United States, Singapore, Australia, and India. They are professionals in developing applications that enable businesses all around the world to take the lead in their respective fields. They are poised to be a full-stack technological partner in any business's start-up and growth path, with their grasp on almost all the advanced technologies.

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"Independent You" A Not-For-Profit Foundation of Systematix Infotech

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