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From Science Fiction to Business Reality, Softude is Ready for GITEX 2023, Dubai

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Event Details: 16th to 20th Oct 2023, Dubai

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Softude is thrilled to announce its participation at GITEX, where we're bringing a vision of the future to the present.
We are all geared up to shine brighter in the world’s largest tech show with our next-gen AI offerings.
These innovative and intelligent solutions are paving the way for a future for businesses.

From Science Fiction to Business Reality

At GITEX, Softude isn't just displaying advanced technology; we're turning science fiction into business reality today. Our advanced AI solutions boost efficiency, guide smart decisions, personalize experiences, and manage risks, all while saving costs and boosting your competitive edge.

We're here to future-proof your business with innovations that will take you a decade ahead, making your GITEX experience truly extraordinary.

Top businesses and brands

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Join us at GITEX, where we'll show you how we can take you 10 Years Ahead, Today!

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AI: Our Focus

Top businesses and brands

Government Sector

Today, governments are dealing with unique challenges like

  • Data Management
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Accessibility and Citizen Engagement
  • Traffic Management
  • Predictive Policing
  • Public (Customer) Experience

Our AI solutions are here to help them advance technologically and operate more efficiently. This means making government services better, more transparent, and more citizen-friendly. With a proven track record of providing advanced technology to governments, we're committed to bringing the transformative power of AI to public institutions.

Magic and Impact we created

Anomaly & Failure Prediction

Minimized revenue loss due to grid failures through early detection and prevention of dust deposition on insulators. We developed an intelligent predictive system that utilizes tower images, pre-processes the data to ensure quality, and employs Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) to classify images of insulators, enabling precise anomaly detection.

VAT and Excise Automation

Leveraged AI/ML to modernize a Gulf country’s tax administration. Our comprehensive system encompasses online tax platforms, seamless workflow automation, meticulous audit tracking, and seamless integration with customs authorities. Moreover, it optimizes financial reporting, simplifies penalty management, and streamlines agency registrations, elevating the efficiency and transparency of tax processes.

Object Detection System

Our versatile object detection system meets all the challenges of the public sector. It leverages computer vision technologies such as facial recognition, image and video analysis, and machine learning to ensure a safer and more efficient environment for all citizens. Our system adapts configurations, experiments with labeling, and continually improves with data and model training.

Banking and Financial Sector

We're excited to offer our advanced AI solutions designed specifically for the banking and financial sectors. These solutions are like a glimpse into the future, helping you

  • Detect fraud
  • Assess risks
  • Improve customer service
  • Make better financial decisions

They also serve as the architects of compliance, bringing security and convenience together.

Top businesses and brands

Magic and Impact we created

KYC and Claim Investigation

Automated the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, streamlined commercial document classifications, and expedited insurance claims investigations. By leveraging computer vision, we enabled banks and financial institutions to swiftly verify customer and business accounts, and detect forged documents and counterfeit currency.

AI for Customer Experience

Integrated AI-powered virtual assistants to quickly respond to customer queries and assist them with simple banking tasks like account opening. These smart agents provide 24/7 support without missing a beat while making customers feel valued and satisfied. With such smart and round-the-clock assistance, customer experience and operational efficiency boosts multifold times.

AI Chat/Voice Bot

Voice-controlled chatbot that revolutionized business operations and insights. With the ability to seamlessly communicate in any language, it streamlines workflows through automation, delivers personalized customer support, accesses real-time information, and ensures data security.

Top businesses and brands

Retail and E-commerce

Be at the forefront of the retail and e-commerce landscapes by harnessing the power of advanced AI solutions. Elevate your business to new heights with:

  • Personalized shopping experience
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Top-notch customer service

Our cutting-edge technologies, including voice commerce, and predictive analytics, will set you apart, helping you adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

Magic and Impact we created

E-commerce Integration & Automation

Eliminated the need to use separate software for accounting, inventory, and order management for brands into omnichannel commerce. Real-time syncing of data produced across all e-commerce platforms with enterprise software while giving brands the power of sales insights to bridge the gap between stores and customers.

Self-Checkout Application

Redefining the in-store shopping experience of customers with the "Touch-Pay-Go," concept of self-checkout application. It cuts wait times on long queues and speeds up the checkout whilst giving a personalized in-store shopping experience. For brands, it boosts sales, cuts labor costs, and enhances efficiency by eliminating manned checkout counters.

Customer Retention & Churn Analysis

Brands seeking to proactively manage customer attrition are relying on our churn prediction models, powered by advanced ML algorithms. With 86% accuracy on churn prediction and valuable insights, we helped brands win their valuable customers back and reduce churn rates.

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Sachin Gadia
Sachin Gadia
Director, Digital Experience
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Mradul Kanugo
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
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Murtaza Jawadwala
Global Key Accounts Manager
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