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At Softude, we focus on the delivery of advanced cyber security services that go beyond the concept of basic scanning to unveil vulnerabilities that others might miss. Protect your critical business assets and resources from cyber criminals who are ready to compromise your IT business.

Comprehensive Cyber Security services

With our web development expertise, we can offer your business a major push by creating
advanced web products and programs best serving your needs.

Virtual CISO services

We serve as your vCISO or Virtual Chief Information Security Officer. Therefore, we bring forth specialized cyber security expertise to your enterprise. Our cyber security experts help in designing a reliable cyber security program while notably mitigating risks. We serve as your dedicated CISO assigned to the organization that is highly effective.

Cyber Security consulting

Our cyber security consulting services back your enterprise with ample years of experience working on dedicated projects with some of the leading organizations. You can tap into our expertise on demand towards supporting your projects or as you will implement technical controls.

Penetrating testing

Our team of penetration testing experts is capable of identifying cyber security vulnerabilities before a potential intruder has the opportunity to damage your network or systems. We aim at uncovering weaknesses within or on your network while working effectively towards mitigating the overall risks.

Network security monitoring

Our round-the-clock cyber security operations center offers state-of-the-art threat intelligence for supporting your business. We help in detecting attacks against critical assets before they would lead to a data breach. You can know what is happening in real-time with built-in storage and continual log retention.

Risk assessment

With our help, you can ensure that your cyber security program is effective and worth spending on. With us, you can rest assured that you are doing the right things. It is achieved with the help of our industry-centric cyber security risk assessment practices. Our experts take into consideration all factors to assess the ongoing risks for your business.

Privacy & data protection

You can access our in-depth knowledge and industry-specific expertise for upgrading your cyber security mechanisms. We help with ample privacy and data protection for your enterprise through our world-class solutions. We come up with dedicated vDPO or Virtual Data Protection Officer services for your ease.


With our comprehensive cybersecurity services, you can ensure that your team is confidently capable of making informed decisions about the overall security scenario. It is achieved with the help of our in-depth cyber risk management training program, taking into consideration the governance and compliance regulations.

Security maturity assessment

Softude and its expert team of cyber security specialists can help in identifying your biggest security risks. We also come up with relevant solutions to solve them. Our comprehensive security maturity assessment practices are based on trusted and recognized security frameworks as well as industry best practices.

Web App Optimization

To ensure that the web application is in sync with your user expectations while it best delivers to your business needs. We continuously optimize as well as finetune the web application experience. We also help in introducing new functionalities for seamless optimization.

Why should you use
Cyber Security services

With our web development expertise, we can offer your business a major push by creating
advanced web products and programs best serving your needs.

Ultimate peace of mind

The stakes involved with cyber security are always higher. With the right guidance in place with our reliable cyber security services, you can be assured of top-class security measures in place. With reliable cyber security services, you can focus on what your business does the best. Our services come with dedicated tools and training, and support.


Cost-effective results

Cyber security as a service helps organizations in saving money effectively. The service helps in mitigating the risk of a potential data breach, and by extension, the overall costs that are associated with it. With us, you will receive access to a pool of cyber security experts capable of addressing information security, network infrastructure, and cloud computing.


Cyber insurance cover

Our comprehensive cyber security as a service offering will include cyber insurance as a part of our package. Cyber insurance from our experts is a protective cover that allows your business to minimize the financial costs in association with incidents related to information security.


Top-class website performance

As a business, the chances are that you might be hosting your website. In case your system is affected, there is a higher chance that you will be forced to shut down your website. With our reliable cyber security systems, you can ensure that your website never goes down and is fully functional throughout.

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Our in-depth analysis aims at spanning a wide range of cyber security areas for small-scale and mid-sized organizations. We go through industry standards along with governance requirements that fit your company. Based on the same, we offer recommendations on minimizing vulnerabilities and addressing emerging threats to business practices, budget, and marketing strategy.

Softude makes use of a comprehensive approach to improve cyber protection for your business. We make use of industry best practices along with cutting-edge cyber security tools and expertise that we deliver. We have partnerships with leading service providers to manage your security concerns.

Softude offers a dedicated range of advanced network security services. The program helps in delivering the most advanced cyber threat identification and resolution technologies. We also offer the expertise of our team of security experts continually protect your IT data and systems.

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