How a Website Made the World of Robotic Heart Surgery More Accessible?

Know Our Client 

Our client is at the forefront of robotic-assisted heart procedures, specializing in precision medicine that tailors treatment plans to each heart patient. Their mission is to enhance the patient's experience by embracing digital healthcare, making the entire cardiac care journey from diagnosis to recovery smoother and more positive for patients.


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A Need for Change

Despite being a leader in robotic-assisted heart procedures, our client faced challenges in raising awareness of their technology among patients, doctors, and hospitals. Many patients were unaware of the benefits of robotic-assisted surgery, which led to lower adoption rates.

Softude’s Role  

We developed a user-friendly website to educate patients and healthcare professionals. Built on a robust CMS, the site organizes information and has a simplified interface for easy navigation. Additionally, it features a tool for finding nearby doctors skilled in robot-assisted surgeries and provides comprehensive information on our client's products and services, aiding healthcare professionals in enhancing heart-care procedures.


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User Engagement

Benefits in a Nutshell


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Softude team was always responsive, answered all my questions (believe me, there were a lot!), and truly understood the weight of what we were trying to achieve. It wasn't just a project for them; they were genuinely invested in our success.

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