More Efficiency, More Savings: RV Administration System Boosts Caravan Repair Business

Know Our Client 

Our client is one of Australia's leading caravan repair specialists operating across seven different locations. For the past two decades, they have been supplying high-quality caravan products meeting the diverse needs of the recreational vehicle industry. They also offer repair services, product upgrades, and accessories installation ensuring their customers’ caravans are always in good condition.



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Driving the Road to Errors and Losses

Our client was driving the old road to meet the customers' needs. Inventory and order tracking, quote creation, and handling returns were all manual. It led them to the road where they often encountered big mistakes such as inaccurate pricing in quotes, overstocking, and product shortage in inventories. These errors brought a significant loss to our client and reduced customer satisfaction.

Softude’s Role

We developed RVAS, a user-friendly system, to simplify administrative tasks, quote, and inventory management processes of the caravan industry. Our cloud-based software handles everything - from bookings, quotes, stock management, and warranty claims processing to quick invoicing. It also streamlines communication between repairers, suppliers, and manufacturers across multiple devices. The simple dashboard of the system gives a complete overview of quotes, purchase orders, and stock levels, all in one place.


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Benefits in a Nutshell


Things were quite difficult for us before until we invested in the RV administration system. It is perfectly made for our business operations and helps us manage different aspects of our RV repair business.

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