A POS Software Increased Average Order Value by 25% for a Clothing Chain

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Our client is a growing chain of clothing and apparel stores across the country. Their high-quality clothing, footwear, and fashion accessories are loved by customers of all age groups. To attract more customers and meet their changing preferences, they frequently make changes in product lines and promotions.



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Unifying Sales and Simplifying Checkout 

Discrepancies in inventory and a lack of data synchronization between online and in-store sales were some of the serious challenges our client faced in day-to-day operations. All because the staff had to manually perform major tasks like tallying the total transactions against the sales.

Not just the staff, their customers were also unhappy as they had to wait in long queues during the checkout. Challenges like products going frequently out of stock, and difficulty in processing returns or exchanges dissatisfied the customers, impacting the overall sales of our client.

Softude’s Role

Softude has developed a Point-of-Sale (POS) software to handle sales, inventory, customers, and purchase orders for both physical and online stores of the client. It works on cash registers, tablets, and mobile devices (iOS and Android). The software is designed to make sales and transactions easy with features like product scanning, automatic price calculations, and stock management. Additionally, it provides insights into weekly and monthly sales, helping the sales team plan promotions and discount campaigns. For fast and secure transactions, the POS software is integrated with EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale), allowing customers to pay through any method. Its offline capabilities ensure smooth checkouts even without the internet. The system is completely scalable and adaptable to future changes in the retail business.


YOY Growth in Revenue


Growth in Avg Order Value


Faster In-Store Checkout

Benefits in a Nutshell


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Our customers are happy to shop from our in-stores as POS has saved their time on payment and checkout and we don’t have to manually track everything. Thanks, Softude for the user-friendly POS system.

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