How a Personal Finance Management (PFM) App Increased Customer Satisfaction for a Top Finance Institution

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Our client has been a leading institution in the banking and finance sector for decades. They are known for their innovative solutions and exceptional customer service. They have earned a reputation for being a trusted ally for individuals and businesses for their various financial needs.


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A Need for Change

The customers were facing financial struggles, including difficulties in managing hidden expenses and staying on top of bill payments. Our client wanted to mitigate credit risk and generate new revenue streams through innovative solutions and personalized support.

Softude’s Role

Softude developed a user-friendly platform that consolidates all accounts into one, offering a clear financial overview, while facilitating budgeting through customizable tools and automated expense tracking. We incorporated features for managing bill payments and setting and tracking financial goals. Additionally, we added personalized insights and educational resources.


Increase in Conversion Rates


Increased Customer Engagement


Reduction in Query Volume

Benefits in a Nutshell


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Softude made additional efforts to understand our specific needs and delivered a solution that perfectly addressed them. Our customers love the new PFM tool, thanks to Softude's expertise – they're a fantastic partner!

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