Live High School Sports Streams Drive 40% More Sponsor Deals for Local Brands

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Our client is a media company that loves bringing high school sports events to life! Their mission is to provide an exceptional fan experience while offering inventive advertising opportunities to connect with the audience. Not only do they encourage high school sports events, but they also help advertisers get widespread exposure by bridging funding gaps through event sponsorship.


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Behind The Scenes

Connecting with the active high school sports audience is tough for local brands. The videos of these games, usually handled by community TV, often lack quality and accessibility. Issues like the necessity for an on-site van limit thorough coverage. Some even resort to 'audio-only' webcasts with subpar quality. To tackle these problems, they needed innovative solutions to make the coverage better and connect more with the audience.

Softude’s Role

We came up with a simple solution that made things much easier. We created a high school sports broadcasting system that reduced the need for extensive equipment and staff. Now, capturing and sharing game footage, recording events in real-time, and making video clips is a breeze. The system manages both live and on-demand events, making high-quality sports videos accessible to everyone. It also connects sponsors with event audiences and keeps track of content, schools, playlists and reports through a user-friendly portal.


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Benefits in a Nutshell


Softude totally transformed how we covered the sports. Our costs went down, there was a sudden spike in the viewers, and we even got really great sponsor deals through the platform itself.

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