An OEM Reduced Recurring Complaints By 62% With Complaint Management Solution

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A leading global commercial vehicle manufacturer, operating in over 190 markets with 18 production facilities worldwide. Its products, including trucks, buses, and equipment, cater to the specific demands of the mining, construction, and passenger transportation sectors. Engineered for high performance, their offerings align with the evolving needs of these industries.



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Behind the Scenes

The commercial vehicle manufacturer faced a significant challenge in efficiently managing customer complaints. With over 400 customer service representatives and 1500 service centres handling more than 100 cases daily, the task of monitoring, prioritizing, and assigning cases to expert service engineers became a daily struggle.

Urgent cases were slipping through the cracks despite having a well-defined process and efficient systems. It resulted into extended resolution times and increased customer dissatisfaction.  

Softude’s Role

To address this issue, Softude developed a Complaint Management System – a robust tool that revolutionized their entire complaint-handling process.

Our compliant management system let them automatically assigns the complaints to relevant departments based on a predefined escalation matrix. Its user-friendly dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of complaint statistics, including categorization, origin, and the number of cases opened, closed, dropped, or escalated. This streamlined approach enables our client to handle the increasing volume of complaints with enhanced efficiency and precision.


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Reduction in Recurring Complaints

Benefits in a Nutshell


The complaint management system has made a huge difference in the way we used to handle customer issues. We can now track complaints from multiple sources and close them faster without missing any urgent cases. After implementing it, we have observed 56% improvement in our timeframe for investigating and resolving complaints.

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