Systematix Eye Check-up Campaign: A Building Block to The Vision of Eye Care for The Team!

Systematix Eye Check-up Campaign: A Building Block to The Vision of Eye Care for The Team!

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    September 26, 2016

Key Takeaways

  • Importance of regular eye check-ups: Regular eye check-ups are crucial for detecting and addressing eye conditions, including hereditary ones, at an early stage.
  • Focus on eye care for employees: Systematix recognizes the impact of prolonged screen time on employees' eye health and took the initiative to conduct an eye check-up campaign for its team members.
  • Tips for maintaining good eye health: The blog provides essential tips for maintaining healthy eyes, including eating a balanced diet, taking breaks, exercising the eyes, getting comprehensive eye exams, and practicing good eye hygiene.
  • Collaboration with eye care experts: The eye check-up campaign was conducted by a leading eye care provider, "Centre For Sight," who shared valuable information and answered queries to raise awareness about vision care among team members.
Systematix Eye Check-up Campaign: A Building Block to The Vision of Eye Care for The Team!

You are important to us, and thus we love to care for you!

With this long-term goal, Systematix conducted an eye check-up campaign on 23rd Sep’16, Friday in office premises. We realize that eye care is not just about buying glasses, but there prevail many eye conditions that are hereditary and thus require regular check-ups so that they are detected at an early stage!! Not only it was an immense pleasure in taking a step closer for caring for our family members, but it also was our responsibility towards our family members.

Systematix is well aware of the fact that the members of the company work all day long, with their eyes glued to the computer screens! This not just affects their mental health, but also strains their eyes. And eyes, being one of the most important parts of our body, have to be taken care of. So, as a family, Systematix decided to take the charge for this campaign and made sure that each of the members of the company had his/her eyes checked!

During the check-up, the eyes were checked for common eye diseases, assessed how the eyes work together as a team and were evaluated as eyes are also an indicator of the overall health.

The check-up was conducted by the team of “Centre For Sight”, who are regarded as one of the leading eye care providers in India. They briefed everyone regarding some tips that are really essential for people who work continuously with screens in front of them:

  • Eat Healthy
  • Take short breaks while so that the eyes do not get strained
  • Blink often
  • Exercise your eyes
  • Get a comprehensive eye exam. Having a routine comprehensive eye exam is the most important thing you can do to prevent or treat computer vision problems.
  • Use proper lighting
  • Minimize glare
  • Splash some cold water in your eyes to clean them regularly

They also answered every query that was raised during the campaign and made sure that all the team members were well aware of everything that should be known for the care of the vision! The Systematix team, on the other hand, participated very enthusiastically and got all their doubts cleared regarding the care of their eyesight!

Systematix shall now be regularly conducting such campaigns so that it fulfills the values of the company! These were some of the highlights of the eye-care campaign conducted recently!!

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