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IOT: The Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Making

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    March 15, 2019
IOT: The Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Making

The world did not become what it is today in a single step. It also has had to progress in stages. One of the measures of this is what we define as the industrial revolution,i.e. IOT. Now, to understand what the fourth industrial revolution is, we must first try and understand what the previous revolutions brought to the world. In brief, the first industrial revolution was characterized by the invention of mechanization, using the power of water and the power of steam to drive machines.

A steam engine is an excellent example of the technology present during that time. The second industrial revolution brought the gist of mass productions because of assembly lines, electricity, and related technologies. The third industrial revolution brought critical technologies like computers and their automation.

Now, these were all in the past, the current development of what experts call the fourth industrial development is regarding the cyber-physical systems or often defined as the Internet of Things or Internet of systems.

Everything That You Need to Know About the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Let us look at it in this perspective; the third industrial revolution was all about Information Technology (IT) and their processes and communications, which means that it was focused on Machine to human and Human to machine type of connection. Now, the latest Internet of Things technology trends is centered upon what developers call the machine to machine contact. This is particularly useful in real-time systems that most industries rely on these days to get a lot of crucial work done.

Now, the fourth industrial revolution focuses itself on how to make the modes of communication between these computers and devices better so that it can be used to do things that humans cannot, or as per the IoT trends 2019, used to do things that humans do not want to. Here are some important facts about IOT:

  • It is there for a long time: Yes, IOT  technology exists since the late ’70s and have been used by us regularly ATMs are the perfect classic example of  Io
  • IOT is the future of many business: As technology trend is rising more number of companies are emerging out with the It is an estimate that there are going to be around 75 billion devices by the end of 2020.
  • IOT is making security complex: As number devices, channels and connections are rising, Making security more complex and privacy more vulnerable.
  • New markets are emerging: New market fields like smart home, Smart wearables, smart and automated driving are emerging. Uber is taking the lead in the process of self-driving cars development.

Challenges and Opportunities of IoT

To understand what the challenges of IoT are, let us know what IoT is with a real-life example. Say that you are a businessman who lives at a considerable distance from your house. Now, Consider a 24-hour day schedule for you. Imagine a scenario where you are woken up daily by your alarm. Now, even before you are awake, your coffee maker turns on by itself and starts making your morning pot of coffee. The heater in your shower is also turned on automatically depending on the time. Now, you are all ready to go to the office when your fridge tells you that you are low on milk for tomorrow and adds a task for you to pick up milk on your way home. Now as you leave your house for work, all the lights and the coolers in your house are switched off automatically, and your security system is activated all by itself.

Now, this is a real-life scenario of how Internet of Things technology trends are changing how we do things. The main problem with the IoT is the communication that is to be performed by these devices that are connected. They have to communicate in real time with the processors which run the entire system. If communication fails for some reason, the whole system fails.

Another challenge is the security of these systems, though companies have pretty much solved this problem, there are still some security issues that are being dealt with. Any business that wants to incorporate IoT in their daily workings has tremendous potential to speed up the efficiency and also save big on things like electricity due to the smart elements in the IoT subsystem.

The Impact on Business

The impact of technology trends 2019, or what we call IoT is huge in businesses. It does not matter if your business is a large one or a small one, by implementing IoT technologies in your business, you can boost efficiency at a fraction of the cost. There are following ways IOT can help you out in this:

  1. A smart scheduling system for a conference room can make all the difference between losing or gaining an important business deal.
  2. The automatic turning off of lights in your office campus and the cubicles of the workers in your office will save you tons of money in costs for electricity.
  3. Wearable technology can keep a close look at your health and immune system.

Things like this that run on the principle of the emerging trends in IoT are what businesses are looking for today.

The Impact on People

It is no surprise that IoT has made a considerable impact on the people; this is because we are still in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution and haven’t even finished the period. Some of the Recent Trends in IoT that have impacted or are going to affect people are:

  1. Machine Learning (ML): It enables the system to learn and improve itself while working.
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI): Its huge field which can be described making machines intelligent enough to learn and perform various tasks.

A lot of new things in IoT like crop growth solutions for farmers is essentially a combination of the Internet of Things Technology and the other deterministic technologies like and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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They are Shaping the Future

IoT innovation is undoubtedly one of the things that the world will see more of in the coming years to come. One more recent trend in the IoT world is the use of Big Data Analysis on the data collected by a host of IoT devices. There are lots of ways in which iot machine learning and artificial intelligence are connected or overlay. This analysis will not only help to bring in more focused technology to the masses, but it will also help developers of IoT and the providers of IoT related systems to better understand where the system is failing or where the system is performing exactly as required.

Several job openings are rising with the ascending trend of IOT and information technology:

  1. IoT and Machine learning assisted job posting and job recommendation with the help of deep learning and big data. A perfect job for you will be recommended.
  2. There will be a rise in non-tech job openings: As more number of people are competing for cream pay of tech jobs, which results in an increment in the number of openings available in the non-tech
  3. Working hours will become flexible: As everything will be dependent upon the complexity and application, so working hours are deemed to become more flexible.

iot device security - we already see a lot of AI-powered devices in the market; devices made using the latest trends in the Internet of Things, examples of iot devices are - the Google home and Amazon Alexa devices. These devices will only make the lives of humans easier. The automatic switching off of lights will reduce the burden on the electricity that you consume thereby reducing the burden of the present natural resources. Rightly made IoT technology has the potential to save lives as well as limit the carbon footprint that humans are leaving on the world. IoT technology will help in the sustainable development of the resources that are already being emptied at an alarming rate.

You can Contact our IoT experts to learn more about our Internet of Things products and solutions. Stay tuned to our Blog and social media for more!!

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