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How Much Time Does it Take to Build a Program with MEAN Stack?

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    February 18, 2022
How Much Time Does it Take to Build a Program with MEAN Stack?

Today, the world has entered into a digitally-intensive era in which we expect everybody to keep up with the ever-evolving IT technology. To keep abreast of the rapidly evolving tech space, new-age developers are working hard to come up with something that is user-friendly and highly functional at the same time. Therefore, developers make use of faster and enterprising web development platforms like MEAN Stack for developing high-end projects and applications. In this post, we will help you know all about MEAN Stack development and the total time it takes to develop a dedicated project. 

What is MEAN Stack Development?

MEAN Stack development consists of a set of JavaScript-based solutions and technologies for web application development. M stands for Mongo development, E for ExpressJS development, A for AngularJS development, and N for Node.js development. From the concept of the client to server to database, MEAN Stack is a full-stack JavaScript. 

Some of the core components of MEAN Stack development are:

  • MongoDB: It can be regarded as a dedicated document-centric database utilized by backend applications for the storage of data in the form of JavaScript Object Notation or JSON documents. Therefore, in MEAN, the role of MongoDB is to store the data of the application. As both the application and database make use of JavaScript, the requirement for translation is altered. This is when the object will go from application to database or from database to the application. MongoDB in MEAN is famous for its ease of scalability in terms of storage. At the same time, it is also famous for its overall performance. It also allows the addition of fields in the database without the requirement of reloading the entire table. MongoDB tends to be cost-effective. We can use it for moving the server-side and client-side data.
  • ExpressJS: It serves to be the backend development or web application framework featuring a lightweight server. It helps in improving the entire development process by utilizing Node.js and assisting the APIs. It also helps in the development of the required web applications. Express.js further assists in merging with Node.js because the development process turns out to be highly straightforward. ExpressJS allows ample speed of development. It also facilitates the development of secure applications while managing the interaction between the database and the front end. It is also worth noting that with Express.JS, there is no requirement of accidentally redefining a variable. It is because it helps in preventing overwriting the variables. It helps you in saving a great amount of money and time.
  • AngularJS: It is one of the most famous web frameworks that are in use today. As a matter of fact, it has lately become a default choice in terms of a leading JavaScript front-end framework. Google designs and maintains. AngularJS, in MEAN Stack, is leveraged for developing dynamic, single-page web applications instantly.  AngularJS serves to be the ideal front-end development framework because of its easy-to-use templates and amazing performance. Moreover, you can look forward to developing the app simultaneously on both mobile and desktop with Angular.
  • NodeJS: It is a famous run-time cross-platform development environment. It is utilized for developing highly scalable and robust server-side web applications. The JavaScript run-time environment is used for the creation of server-side JavaScript applications in a seamless manner. The framework is loaded with a comprehensive library featuring a wide range of JavaScript modules for simplifying the process of web development. It is regarded as the best way to deliver web application scripts with improved integrations with the respective web server. In MEAN Stack, Node.JS serves as the backbone in which ExpressJS is typically on top of Node.js. AngularJS is capable of connecting with Node.js effortlessly. This facilitates the process of swift data serving.

The bestselling point of Node.js is its overall scalability. Moreover, it is capable of supporting a good number of concurrent connections.

Benefits of MEAN Stack Development

A top mean stack app development will specialize in the development of top-performance applications –including gaming applications, e-commerce, scalable APIs, social networking portals, and so more to be in touch with the reach of the clients across the globe. 

Here are some benefits of MEAN Stack development are:

  • Ease of switching between server and client: When you have access to a common language, it allows you to switch seamlessly between the server-side and client-side. There is no more requirement for a third-party server like Apache. On the other hand, Node.js enables the developers to open the application to the server. This is why most people prefer MEAN Stack as being instant and uncomplicated to use. 
  • Highly Flexible: With flexibility, it is implied that MEAN enables you to achieve much more than just serving as a platform for developing applications. For instance, the MEAN is capable of hosting the applications on the cloud if you want to test the given web application after the process of development. Moreover, MongoDB is the database system utilized in MEAN. It is a dedicated system designed for the cloud. Once it is on the cloud, it promotes functions like automatic sharing along with cluster support amongst multiple servers.
  • Quick Way of Coming Up with MVP: MVP refers to the Minimum Viable Product. Mostly, it consists of the product (here, a web application) with its primary set of features. These are the most essential features that customers look for. A reliable MEAN Stack development company will make sure that you are able to achieve the MVP in the shortest possible time. This is because of the fast nature of the given framework. 
  • Ever-increasing Online Community: MEAN is known to be a highly reputed framework. It is proven to work excellently for a number of a Mean stack developer across the globe. A number of enthusiastic developers working with MEAN have given way to a helpful, strong online community. This is only because MEAN Stack is a well-proven tool for web developers. You can opt for the same without involving any inhibitions. As a matter of fact, right from small-scale startups to high-end enterprises –everyone is nowadays making use of Node.js.
  • Isomorphic Coding: One of the major strengths of MEAN Stack development is that it enables developers to make the switch from one framework to another seamlessly. The code will still remain functional exactly as you want it to be. Isomorphism is regarded as a great feature for any mean stack programming platform. This is what sets MEAN Stack apart from other development solutions. Moreover, it also helps in making the platform highly inviting and reliable for newbies.
  • Support for MVC Architecture: For incorporating the MVC Architecture, your application is expected to be divided into three distinct and inter-connected parts. This helps in separating the internal representation of in-depth information from how the users will be seeing it.  Typically, this ensures that the MEAN Stack development team is capable of maintaining a higher level of productivity.
  • Top-class Quality Assurance: A web application that is built with the help of MEAN Stack is capable of supporting automated testing. Therefore, whenever some feature will break down, the developers will have in-depth knowledge about it.  One of the core reasons companies hire professional MEAN Stack developers is to keep a check on the overall quality. It becomes a seamless process. As a matter of fact, the best way to check for Quality Assurance is to integrate the application with the main development stage. This is what MEAN does excellently.
  • A Single Programming Language: Another major advantage of MEAN is that it makes use of advanced technologies that are based on JavaScript. Therefore, it helps in making it easy for the working environment and the developers as we expect to use only a single programming language by them. When you have an instant backend unit at your help, it helps with effective user interaction with the end application. It helps in saving ample time. 
  • Open-source and Cost-effective: Every technology within MEAN Stack makes use of JavaScript. It is an open-source platform. Therefore, MEAN Stack is also open-source. It will cost you nothing for downloading the platform and using the same. This is the reason why MEAN Stack development companies also do not charge license fees out of the clients. Moreover, in comparison to LAMP Stack, MEAN Stack is known to require fewer developers. For LAMP Stack, you will require assistance from developers who are skilled in MySQL, PHP, and JavaScript.
  • Ease of Development for Developers: Another benefit of MEAN Stack that makes it developer-friendly is its advantage of having JSON. The data transfers that take place between multiple layers become easy and smooth when the developers will choose Angular or MongoDB. Moreover, It saves also a significant amount of time due to the isomorphic properties of MEAN Stack. JSON effectively helps in saving ample time while modifying existing MEAN Stack formats. JSON offers support for external APIs. Therefore, developers are capable of easily executing different functionalities for improving the entire customer experience. Also, JSON helps in facilitating developers to access PHP.

Time for Developing a MEAN Stack Project

Building a mean stack application - a common question amongst MEAN Stack developers is the total time it takes to develop a fully-functional project. We can regard Apps as broken or distributed pieces of software solutions –each different and unique. You can develop either simple or complex apps. Some web apps can make use of a few simple functions while some others make use of complicated functions. Moreover, there are apps that carry a wide range of functions within them –like the ones developed with AngularJS. 

The total duration of developing an application with MEAN Stack will vary from one project to another. It will depend on several factors –including the complexity of the application, specialized features, integrations for implementation, and whether or not there are specific modifications within the app structure. 

An average business web application will include multiple features, different levels of access, management tools, and so more. Therefore, it will be a long-term undertaking. Still, when you take the help of the professionalism of a dedicated team of MEAN Stack developers, you can expect the completed project on time. 

While it might appear that different stages of the product development process will undergo development one after another, still it is not the case every time. It will be based on specialization across simultaneous development of different aspects of the project. The agile methodology offers the suggestion of breaking into the scope of the software into different parts –smaller periods of time when the team will be working on a specific feature. Every stage will take different weeks. It can engage the entire team as the process of developing a new feature in the application will require:

  • Design
  • Architecture
  • Testing
  • Coding –both frontend and backend
  • Specification writing

The sample size of the project is sizeable. On average, it will take around 4-5 months to design a front-end application along with the backend infrastructure. However, if the entire scope is quite big, it might take some more months. On the other hand, if the development team has access to ready-made modules, the entire project can be customized and completed within 3.5 months. 

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Angular Best Practices for Web Development

  • Follow the right coding style of Angular.js by keeping component codes under limited lines of codes and functions under minimal lines of codes.
  • Ensure Angular folder structure.
  • Maintaining a precise and clean folder structure of Angular application is considered as one of the most significant factors for analyzing the quality of the Angular app. When proper folder structures are maintained effectively, it can help with improved code readability. Moreover, it can also help in scaling the application as per the requirement. Some of the modules to consider are:
  • Shared module
  • Core module
  • Home module
  • Config module

Node.js Best Practices for Web Development

  • Make use of HTTP methods and API routes.
  • During the creation of RESTful apps for standard CRUD operations, you can make use of predefined routes of POST, PUT, GET, DELETE, and PATCH. 
  • Make use of stateless authentications. The REST APIs and the authentication component should be stateless. 
  • It recommends to effectively make use of status codes. As error handling is a crucial part of any function, HTTP services should also follow the same. 

How is MEAN Stack Technology Better than Other Technologies?

MEAN Stack development serves to be better than its competitors because of the following reasons:

  • JavaScript support ensures that neat as well as clean web development processes are achieved. 
  • The availability of open-source components helps in supporting the auto-update features.
  • Exceptional varieties of JavaScript modules make it simple for ensuring the development of applications with the help of the Node.js component.
  • A single language code implementation in JavaScript for both the server and client sides makes the entire framework quite simple and easy to handle.
  • Reformatting and rewriting the codes are not necessary because of accurate data flow in JSON layers. 
  • Code transferability from a particular framework to another is comparatively simpler than others. 
  • Right after the development processes of the web applications, it can test over the high-end cloud platform due to unparalleled flexibility. 
  • The single requirement for MEAN stack development company is the availability of skilled and experienced JavaScript professionals for developing the applications. Fewer requirements will make the application highly cost-effective when compared with others. 
  • Update processes for the web pages are not necessary for every server request. As such, it becomes simpler to develop real-time applications that tend to be trending.
  • Availability of multiple sets of module libraries that are ready to use for NodeJS helps in saving precious time of the developers for the further application development process. 
  • Unlike other development platforms, the MVC or Model View Controller architecture is also favored by MEAN Stack. It helps in further allowing prior customization according to the necessities in addition to other features.
  • It supports unparalleled backend and front-end developmental capabilities along with MEAN Stack development.


MEAN Stack app development companies make use of this revolutionary technology for effectively developing highly dynamic and advanced web applications. It develops easily Both single and multi-page dynamic applications with the highest level of efficiency. These applications suit the requirements of all types of businesses with the help of MEAN Stack. 

We recommend to switch to the high-end development platform while accessing its maximum benefits. You can leverage the maximum benefits of the development tool by looking into its time and cost factors. When you are aware of the same, you can plan out the execution of your development project effectively.

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