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How a Locksmith Startup Filled the Market Gap with Softude’s Digital Solution?

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    May 31, 2023
How a Locksmith Startup Filled the Market Gap with Softude’s Digital Solution?

Read the story of this locksmith startup that grabbed its digital keys with the help of Softude- one of the leading website development companies in the US- and unlocked the doors of success.  

The Background Story

The traditional nature of the locksmith industry relies heavily on word-of-mouth referrals, limiting customers' access to services and information. This lack of online presence and convenience hinders customers' ability to find locksmiths quickly, compare prices, book appointments, and track service progress digitally. As a result, customers experience difficulty and frustration in locating and engaging with skilled locksmith technicians when they need them the most.

Realizing the untapped potential in the locksmith industry, a locksmith startup begins a digital journey to fill this gap and help customers in their time of need.

Met the Perfect Ally at The Perfect Time

Softude-a professional web development company- became a trusted ally of the client who created a website that truly represents their brand. From expanding customer reach to building trust, and enhancing customer convenience to showcasing their expertise, they were expecting myriad goals by establishing an online presence.

Let’s explore the invaluable role we have played throughout this journey.

Discovery and Planning

Based on their specific goals, we developed a comprehensive plan for their website.

Design and Layout

Our talented designers worked closely with the client to create mockups and wireframes that reflected their brand image and aligned with their aesthetic preferences. We focused on a clean and professional design, ensuring an intuitive user interface. By incorporating their logo and color scheme, we maintained a cohesive visual identity throughout the website.

Development and Coding

We brought the design to life where our talented developers wrote clean and efficient code utilizing technologies such as TypeScript, Next.js, Python, Django, and MySQL.

Explore Our Tech Bucket

Softude believes in staying at the forefront of technological advancements to deliver top-notch website development solutions for locksmith businesses. For our esteemed locksmith client, our client, we leveraged a range of cutting-edge technologies to ensure a robust and reliable website. Let's explore the technologies we employed in the development process:


TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript, played a pivotal role in the website development. By utilizing TypeScript, we were able to enhance code maintainability and scalability. Its static typing capabilities allowed us to catch potential errors early in the development process, resulting in a more robust and efficient codebase.


Next.js, a popular React framework, was utilized to develop the front end of our client's website. This powerful framework provided us with server-side rendering (SSR) capabilities, enabling fast and efficient loading of web pages. Next.js also allowed for dynamic routing and optimized performance, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience.

Python and Django

For the backend development, we chose Python, a versatile and widely used programming language. Python's simplicity and readability allowed us to develop clean and efficient code. In conjunction with the Django framework, which follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, we built a robust and scalable backend system for our client's website. Django provided a secure and efficient foundation, facilitating rapid development and seamless integration of various components.


To ensure seamless deployment and scalability, we utilized Docker, a containerization platform. Docker allowed us to encapsulate the website and its dependencies into containers, making deployment consistent across different environments. This streamlined the deployment process, minimized compatibility issues, and provided flexibility in scaling the application to meet Our client' evolving needs.


As a reliable and widely used relational database management system, MySQL powered the data management aspect of our client's website. We leveraged MySQL's robust features to store and retrieve data efficiently, ensuring smooth integration with the backend. MySQL's scalability and security features provided a stable foundation for managing customer information, appointments, and other essential data.


To enable secure and seamless online payment processing for Our client, we integrated Stripe, a leading payment gateway. Stripe offered a range of features, including secure payment handling, easy integration, and support for various payment methods. By implementing Stripe, we ensured that customers could make payments for locksmith services conveniently and securely through the website.

Digital Rewards with Digital Presence

50% rise in bookings of locksmith services

With the user-friendly contact forms and efficient service request management system, Our client experienced a notable 50% increase in bookings. Customers found it easier to book services through the website, resulting in more business opportunities for the locksmith company.

30-60 minutes of customer response time

The implementation of on-demand request calls and streamlined service request management led to a remarkable reduction in customer response time. Our client was able to respond to customer inquiries and emergency service requests within 30-60 minutes, a significant improvement compared to the previous 2-3 hours.

100% customer satisfaction

By ensuring the 24x7 availability of technicians and incorporating the status tracking feature, our client achieved 100% customer satisfaction. Customers appreciated the timely response and the ability to track the progress of their service requests, leading to increased trust and overall satisfaction.

Quick verification of registered technicians

The integration of a verification feature for registered technicians enabled Our clients to swiftly verify their identities and credentials. This expedited the onboarding process and ensured that only qualified and trustworthy technicians were assigned to customer requests, enhancing the company's reputation and customer trust.

Easy management of technicians

The dispatcher dashboard provided our client with efficient technician management 

capabilities. Dispatchers were able to assign technicians manually or automatically, ensuring optimal utilization of available resources. This streamlined management process resulted in improved efficiency and reduced administrative burden for the locksmith company.

Higher customer engagement

By creating a mobile-responsive website, our client witnessed increased customer engagement. The website was accessible and user-friendly across various devices, allowing customers to browse services, make bookings, and communicate with dispatchers conveniently. This led to enhanced customer satisfaction and increased interaction with the locksmith company.

Increase in customer trust with transparency in payment

The integration of reliable payment infrastructure and transparent payment processes instilled trust among our clients' customers. By offering secure online payment options and providing transparent information regarding pricing, customers felt more confident and comfortable engaging the locksmith services, resulting in increased customer trust and loyalty.

If you also want to unlock your online potential, Softude is here to help. Contact us today to discuss how our website development services can empower your business in the digital realm. Together, let's open doors to new opportunities and take your locksmith business to new heights.

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