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How Custom SDK Development Yielded 10x ROI to a Global MarTech Provider?

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    May 12, 2023
How Custom SDK Development Yielded 10x ROI to a Global MarTech Provider?

In today's hyper-connected world, marketers find themselves locked in a fierce battle for the attention and engagement of their target audiences. The advent of multiple digital channels has further increased the complexity in terms of planning, execution, and measurement of marketing campaigns leading to a shift towards a more integrated approach. Omnichannel marketing is that approach to deliver a cohesive brand experience to the customers across all touchpoints. 

A small push of technology can multifold efforts of omnichannel marketing to reach out to potential customers on channels they use the most, ultimately improving their digital experiences. 

Discover how Softude helped our global MarTech client amplify the marketing efforts of customer-centric brands through custom SDK development.

A Sneak-Peak into Client’s Business 

The client is a reputed marketing and technology provider that offers a wide range of AI/ML-powered cloud-based MarTech products to B2C brands across the globe. These products are designed to help marketers and product leaders in delivering amazing digital experiences to their customers. 

Brands rely on these products to acquire customers, increase customer engagement, and improve user retention rate. So far, more than 6500 brands use our client’s MarTech products and have experienced growth in their ROI.  

Business Situation 

Since brands that use our client’s products are from cross-segment of industry with varied needs and goals, they decided to provide the custom-built SDK that can be easily integrated with mobile applications offered by these brands. 

Besides this, they also wanted to offer SDK for following benefits 

Easy integration with third-party applications: In the modern marketing landscape, businesses need to be able to integrate their MarTech products with a wide range of third-party applications, such as CRMs, social media platforms, and email marketing tools. An SDK makes it easier for developers to create these integrations, which can ultimately help them to attract more customers and generate more revenue. 

Customization: SDK offers vast level of customization to the brands allowing them to change its look and feel to match their brand identity and user interface design. They can even choose to include or exclude specific features or functionalities, from languages and regional settings to platform-specific customization to fit perfectly within their software ecosystem. 

Performance optimization: MarTech products need to be fast, reliable, and able to handle large volumes of data. Through SDK, the client wanted to optimize the products’ performance and ensure that they can handle the demands of modern marketing campaigns.

How Softude Turned Out as an Ideal Development Partner?

Developing an SDK for a product that is already popular in the market is a big challenge, but our skilled developers successfully delivered it. Our professionalism and industry-best agile methodology helped us work in an incremental approach and handle unexpected challenges without failing. 

We developed SDK that can be integrated with applications built on multiple platforms such as React Native, Flutter, iOS, and Android. The main highlights of our SDK are  

Custom Push Notifications

Marketers can send customized notifications based on the events, customer behaviors, channels they use, geography, and interest of customers. These notifications can have different modes such as audio, video, GIF, etc.  


Our SDK allows marketers to create nudges that encourage customers to take a particular action such as buying a product or signing up for a service. With this capability, the client’s product helped brands perform targeted marketing and build the right strategy. 

User Segmentation and Mapping 

The SDK also allows brands to identify patterns and trends in customer behavior, identify areas where customer needs are not being met, and develop new products or services that better meet those needs. 

A/B Testing

Developers can easily integrate A/B testing functionality into their mobile or web applications with our SDK and compare two versions of a product or feature to see which one performs better with users. They can control the testing process, including setting up experiments, defining test groups, and tracking and analyzing user behavior. 

Beside developing SDK, we also gave constant technical support to the users in successfully integrating the SDK. 

Impact of SDK 

Offering a custom SDK with such level of customization and functionalities, benefited our client in following ways:

  • 50% increase in client acquisition and user base 
  • 10x ROI with enhanced marketing automation and personalization products
  • Higher customer satisfaction due to faster SDK implementation 

Marketing technology (MarTech) is a constantly evolving and complex field. To stay ahead, MarTech providers must constantly upgrade their products and leverage the latest technologies. At Softude, we pride ourselves on being the ideal development partner for creating innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses and their customers. 

Our team of experts is dedicated to staying on top of the latest MarTech trends and advancements, ensuring that our clients have access to the most cutting-edge solutions available. With Softude as your partner, you can trust that your MarTech needs will be met with the highest level of expertise and innovation.

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