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Cost and Features Involved in Food Delivery App Development

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    August 25, 2021
Cost and Features Involved in Food Delivery App Development

Are you in the food industry and seeking a more useful and applicable solution for delivery? Are you considering developing an application similar to Foodpanda, Swiggy, or Zomato and are looking for answers online? Or are you interested in learning more about the features, costs, and development process of Food Delivery App Development? You’ll have a lot to grab from here.

With the advent of the communication technology and its growth at all expanses and stretches of life, businesses are going digital and simplifying, expediting, and streamlining people’s lives. Nowadays, individuals hardly have time for their everyday schedules and are constantly looking for convenient, affordable solutions delivered directly to their homes. Therefore, if you run a food business, you should surely invest in Food Ordering app development.

As per Statista, the Food Delivery industry will generate revenue of US$168,586 million in 2021. This is anticipated to expand at a 9.9 per cent annual pace, culminating in a US$200,387 million transaction value by 2024. Additionally, a research found that online ordering assisted both large and small restaurants in increasing their income by 35%.

By examining these data, it is clear that the online food delivery applications are not only popular with consumers, but also with mobile app development services, customers, and business owners. As a result, by investing in Food Delivery App Development, you may reach a large client base.

In this blog, we will cover the entire process of cheapest food delivery app for your clients. To assist you in getting started, we will address all critical aspects such as design fundamentals, functionality, procedure, and pricing. After thoroughly reading this article, you will no longer need to conduct research on food application development from any other source.

How to Get Started With Food Delivery Application Development

The process of developing mobile applications entails much study and preparation. Each step must be understood in order to create an application that is competitive and generates a good return on investment. Here is a step by step guide to get started with the process of cheapest food delivery apps development:

#1 Conduct thorough market research and analysis

Begin by devoting time and effort to obtaining market knowledge and pertinent details. This can be accomplished through internet research or by gaining access to public records. It must be comprehensive and accurate in order to invest resources properly. You may begin by gaining knowledge of your primary rivals, your local supermarket, and your intended audience.

  • Choose a market in which you want to launch the product.
  • Following that, acquire knowledge about the overall market size, smartphone users, and delivery executives, among other things.
  • Then, by calculating expenditure per client, determine the worth of your markets.
  • Make a decision on the functionality that will be included in your application.
  • Determine which niches can benefit from the digitalization of the delivery processes.
  • Finally, determine the optimal development method for the application.

#2 Choose a Business Strategy and a Value Ratio

You must first develop a business strategy for your idea before launching an app similar to Swiggy or Zomato. It’s critical to prioritize functionality, differentiated value propositions, and a revenue plan. Promotions, subscription programs, marketing eCommerce items, or offering a service charge are all ways to make income.

#3 Select a Reputable Software Development Firm

The most critical job is to select a reputable android app development company to create cheap food delivery apps. You can hire independent developers, freelancers, or outsource to an IT business that specializes in custom mobile application development. Evaluate the service’s quality and cost depending on the model they offer during the first phases. You may simply take advantage of the time difference to complete work overnight and discuss changes with the team the following day at work. Overlapping time zones provide additional space for interaction and problem-solving.

Find out an expert React Native Application Development firm that is a good fit and fulfils your needs and budget. A good company can assist you in conducting market research, designing, developing, testing, and maintaining your mobile application.

#4 Begin the Process of Development

At this point, your thoughts will begin to take shape on their own. You must be conscious about the time, work, and expenses incurred on each step. Budgeting is critical, and you must adhere to the strategy in all circumstances. Avoid including excessive features and instead place a premium on navigational simplicity, user-friendliness, customer-centricity, and safe application development.

After you’ve finalized the UI/UX layout, ask the Android application development firm to begin work on the application’s front and back ends as soon as possible so that you get enough time to make modifications as per your requirements.

#5 Choose an App Design That Is Attractive

Pick a good design template that will entice clients and convince them to switch from rivals. It must be straightforward yet effective, distinctive, and user-centric, and it must look excellent on any smartphone.

#6 Conduct Adequate Product Testing

After the design and development phases are complete, the application should be checked for faults. Quality assurance must validate the functionality of all functionalities. The objective is to offer an application that is bug-free prior to releasing it to end-users.

#7 Market the Food Delivery Application

Begin promoting the finalized version of the application by advertising it effectively through the appropriate channels. You may build campaigns, work with influencers, raise awareness on social networking sites, or request promotional assistance from food businesses. The major objective is to connect with the intended audience and increase the user base.

#8 Allow Sufficient Space For Future Maintenance

Each day, technology advances at a breakneck pace. It is critical to be fresh and accurate. You must employ mobile application developers who will continue to give assistance even once the phase of development is over. Additionally, keep your application updated often to stay current with the competition.

Essential Features To Be Included in Food Delivery App Development

Before you begin building an online food delivery app, you should familiarize yourself with the essential features that will enable you to create an exceptional food application for your business. Several significant aspects include the following:

Personalized Push Notifications

With the rapid growth of online food delivery, it’s natural for consumers to have many food delivery apps on their smartphones. Providing push notifications is the greatest method to increase exposure and keep ahead of your competition. It assists your firm in maintaining contact with its customers. Furthermore, you must assure that your application alerts provide value to consumers rather than simply being a promotional message.

Deals and discount codes are the most effective approach to increase consumer engagement with your food delivery service. According to estimates, around 60% of users use food delivery apps in search of discounts and rebates, while 35% use these applications just to gain loyalty points. Notify potential consumers on a regular basis about promotions, special deals, and loyalty programs. In this manner, you can rapidly capture and captivate a customer’s attention.

Food Delivery Tracking through GPS in Real-Time

This is a critical feature of food delivery applications since it enables consumers to follow their meal’s position in real-time using GPS. The objective of GPS is to enable two-way tracking and operation. It assists in determining the user’s location in order to deliver the meal. Moreover, after the location has been validated, users may simply follow the delivery personnel’s progression and movement.

It is utilized by the major meal delivery apps to ensure that clients get the greatest experience possible. Google Maps and Waze’s Navigation are just a few of the excellent APIs available for this functionality. For instance, Zomato utilizes Google Maps for their application.

Convenient Payment Options

Payments are critical in every company, from the standpoint of the owner. Though this is the final step in the order placement procedure, if a consumer has any minor issue, they will never attempt again. Thus, in order to make the payment process as efficient and easy as possible, a consumer should have all payment choices available in the food delivery application. People used to get confused like how to order food with cash app without card, somtimes this facility is also avaialbe as per the app requirments given by the owner.

You may integrate any payment gateway or digital wallet solutions that are currently available, like PayPal, Google Pay, UPI, Debit or Credit card payments, COD, etc. Similarly, you can give promo or discount codes that can be availed on the next order.

 Integration of social media

There is no surprise that social media has played a significant role in digital marketing during the last several years. That’s one of those simple perspectives that help buyers make better choices. Customers should be able to effortlessly share photographs or videos of their favorite meal with their family members and friends via social media integration. Also, you may make your application visible on social media, which will help you attract new clients on a consistent basis.

Customers may derive the maximum benefit from social media. You may integrate social media using loyalty programs to encourage existing customers to refer new customers and collect rewards and incentives. This significantly aids in enticing new consumers while also converting a one-time customer into a recurring one.

Recommendations & Ratings

Every firm is concerned with its customers since they are the heartbeat of the company. We are sure the same case is with you as well.  Any type of feedback or rating from customers helps your business understand the drawbacks of the application. This feature enables your customers to evaluate and review other restaurants based on the meals they have listed on the application.

This is a time-tested and effective method for businesses to determine how their app performs with their clients. If your application is well-rated, the likelihood is that many users will prefer to visit it. Thus, incorporating a feedback portal enables your organization to gather instant and concise bits of knowledge, providing insight into future app enhancements that will improve the overall client experience.

Simple Order Processing

The majority of consumers choose to purchase online since the process is quick and easy. This is only feasible if your application has been developed with a user-friendly interface in mind. A superb User Interface design is required for food delivery app development. UI is a critical component of an app since it is how people interact with it and order products.

Users should be able to efficiently explore and learn what they require. If the user interface takes too long to load, the consumer experience will suffer. The UI should be properly optimized by food delivery apps in usa services such that it must load all items fast in order to provide a positive user experience and increase application retention as well as conversion rates.

Technologies Used in Food Delivery App Development

It is crucial to choose a scalable and maintainable technological stack. Numerous technologies are commercially available but you must opt for the best one. You can select from the list we have created for you and choose the solution that is most suited to your business’s demands.

Web Development: HTML5 and CSS3 are available as a scripting language, while Javascript is available as a programming language for the designing of web apps. You can even design the front-end using Angular and React.

Mobile Application Development: We propose that you develop cross-platform applications using a hybrid framework such as React Native Application Development or Flutter.

Backend Development: In this situation, several choices are accessible. You can recommend Node.js or PHP to your Food Ordering app development firm.

Database: MySQL is the most common database technology in this area.

Services Provided by Third Parties: The following is a list of APIs that we believe would be beneficial in developing your mobile applications:

  • Google Maps for Tracking
  • Twilio for SMS
  • SendGrid for Email Service
  • Firebase for Sending Notifications
  • Razorpay or Stripe as a payment gateway

How Much Does It Cost For Food Delivery App Development?

The cost of setting up a food delivery application is neither permanent nor absolute; rather, it varies according to the many items and aspects we shall examine. After merging these top-level variables, the total cost is estimated for the development of the application.

The following are the primary factors that influence the cost of Food Delivery App Development:

  1. The Complexity of the Application – The first factor that determines the expense of a food delivery service application is its complexity. The more technically sophisticated or conceptually intricate the application, the more expensive it will be to create.The complexity is frequently driven by developing technologies such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, which simply makes the app more effective than others. Apart from technology, the intricate features, functions, and app processing all contribute to the app’s complexity and, ultimately, its cost.
  2. The Number Of Features – The cost of an application is determined by the number of features you choose to include. The characteristics are critical in determining the pricing since a greater number of features immediately correlates to higher expenditure, whilst fewer features correspond to lower investment.Additionally, when we talk about features, people are constantly looking for features that make it simple to obtain items they desire; yet, adding too many might make it difficult for them to select one from a plethora. Thus, a well-balanced group of features, in fact, the most essential ones, should form the application’s core.
  3. The Platform for Application Development – You may launch your app in three forms: Android, iOS or cross-platform. The cost of developing an iOS application is still cheaper than that of developing an Android application, owing to the greater number of devices available for the latter. With the number of devices increasing, it becomes critical to design the app in such a manner that it fits snugly on the devices.Proceeding to cross-platform application development, this is how you will intelligently target both groups of customers. Each of these three platforms has its own set of distinct advantages, disadvantages, and economic edge.
  4. Region of Application Development – The geographical factor is the next determinant of the cost of developing a food delivery application. If you choose to invest in an area such as the United States or the United Kingdom, the pricing will be more reliant on the components they will be utilizing. However, if you choose another region, the cost may be somewhat lower.
  5. Professionals in Application Development – Experts are those that actually convert an app concept into a reality; without them, the intended outcome is impossible to achieve. Thus, specialists engaged in your project will want to be compensated more than novices or less experienced workers.

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Zomato and other similar applications have been around for a long time, and breaking into the market with anything similar would be a significant undertaking. We believe this blog provides you with enough information to create your own app on similar lines serving your own idea of a Food Delivery App. It should assist you in growing your organization to the next level and generating significant value and growth in the segment.


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