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Tackling the Escalation Maze with a Comprehensive Case Management System

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    June 29, 2023
Tackling the Escalation Maze with a Comprehensive Case Management System

The automotive industry is constantly advancing in connected vehicle manufacturing, but OEMs often face challenges in service and support. A multinational commercial vehicle manufacturer with a widespread service dealer network encountered difficulties in managing and prioritizing escalated technical cases.The automotive industry is always driving forward with technically advanced connected vehicle manufacturing, but when it comes to service and support, OEMs experience some bumps in the road. A multinational commercial vehicle manufacturer, with a widespread service dealer network, faced a significant challenge. 

In this blog, we will explore how a game-changing case management system transformed their operations and helped them overcome the challenge and its impacts.

The Challenge of Navigating the Maze of Escalated Cases

With over 500 service dealers, the daily volume of escalated cases can be huge. Although it may be 1 or 2 escalated cases from a dealer, they quickly accumulate to over 1000 at the technical helpdesk team. As a result, effectively managing and prioritizing highly complex technical cases became a significant challenge for the team. Unfortunately, there were more challenges on the horizon. 

The absence of a structured communication process between dealers and the technical helpdesk, predominantly relying on phone calls and messaging, made it difficult to trace and monitor service level performance. 

As a result, they had

  • Limited visibility into escalated vehicle service cases: Scattered information made it difficult to have a comprehensive overview of escalated cases that need urgent attention, leading to confusion and inefficiencies. 
  • Lengthy case resolution time: Without streamlined processes, resolving each escalated case took longer than necessary, resulting in frustrated customers and increased vehicle downtime.
  • No central repository for quick resolution: Even escalated cases with repetitive technical issues were falling at the technical helpdesk team, wasting their time and effort. To solve this problem, they needed a central repository with proper resolution on the common issues. 
  • Higher customer dissatisfaction impacting CSAT: Inefficient handling of escalated cases resulted in dissatisfied customers, ultimately impacting the OEM’s customer satisfaction ratings.

Many Problems, One Solution: A Comprehensive Case Management Platform

Softude, a leading software development company developed a powerful case management platform tailored specifically for client’s business model. The solution has a range of features and capabilities to tackle their challenges head-on. Here are the features: 

Service ticket creation and tracking: The platform ease the generation of service ticket on time, ensuring that each case received the attention it deserved. 

Case assignment and routing: With automated case assignment and intelligent routing capabilities, the platform streamlined the process of assigning cases to the right teams, reducing manual effort and potential bottlenecks.

Job card management: The system facilitated efficient management of job cards, ensuring that all necessary information and tasks related to vehicle servicing were properly documented and tracked.

Real-time status updates and escalations: The platform provided real-time updates on each case, allowing the technical team to stay informed about progress and take timely actions to address potential escalations.

Dashboard with KPIs and comprehensive reports: With a user-friendly dashboard, they have clear visibility on KPIs such as number of escalated cases, their status, level of support, total number of resolved and closed cases within SLA, breached SLA, total resolution time, average closure time, and total case count by status and region. 

Integration with CRM and other systems: The case management system seamlessly integrated with the client's existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, on-road support system, and other relevant systems, creating a cohesive and streamlined workflow.

Multi-channel communication management: Acting as a centralized hub, the platform facilitated communication between service dealers, the technical support helpdesk, and CSM/ASM/RSM. 

Knowledge base and repository: This is one of the highly useful features that saved valuable time and efforts of technical helpdesk team in resolving cases with common technical issues. The repository has technical resources to deal with such cases so that they can handled at dealers’ end. 

Turning Challenges into Success

Since implementing the case management platform, the client has experienced remarkable results:

99.7% vehicle uptime: With streamlined processes and faster case resolution, vehicle downtime has been drastically reduced, ensuring optimal productivity and customer satisfaction.

Handling 1,600+ cases per day: The platform's efficiency and automation empowered the manufacturer to handle a significant volume of cases, enhancing their overall operational capacity.

50% improvement in productivity: Streamlined workflows and automated processes resulted in a significant boost in productivity, allowing the technical helpdesk team to resolve cases more efficiently than before.

40% improvement in resolution time: The case management platform significantly reduced the time taken to resolve escalated cases, ensuring faster response times and happier customers.

Superior Customer Experience: The platform allowed technical helpdesk team to segment and prioritize which cases need immediate attention so that they can start working immediately and resolve the issues within set SLAs. This segmentation and prioritization minimized the chances of important cases being overlooked, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.  

Wrap Up!

Having a right system at right place is very important for OEMs to deal with problems that adversely damages brand reputation and customer experience. Resolving escalated vehicle service cases is the real-time insight for improving product design and performance. Our comprehensive case management system proved as a valuable tool with features like knowledge repository. Furthermore, it erased excessive human dependency within the process, resulting in faster and smooth resolution of escalated cases.

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