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9 Reasons Why to Invest in Mobile App Development to Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

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    January 28, 2017
9 Reasons Why to Invest in Mobile App Development to Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

With the increasing popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices, developing a mobile app from a mobile app development company USA or in a different country for e-commerce has become a necessity rather than an option. Mobile devices have overtaken desktop computers as the primary means of accessing the Internet. Across the globe, mobile penetration is very high and even in developing countries, you can find 90 percent of the population owning mobile phones. It, therefore, makes sense to develop e-commerce apps for mobile devices because that’s where the majority of customers can be found. The proliferation of money transfer services and mobile wallets means that many people are now keeping money in their phones, and they use their devices for shopping. ecommerce app development trends are also changing, now the e-commerce owners focusing on enhancing the user experience and customer satisfaction by providing the store in the hands of their customers through the mobile app.

The following are other reasons for developing mobile apps for e-commerce.

1. Personalized User Experience

A mobile app e-commerce platform allows you to engage personally with your target customers. For instance, you can integrate your app with social media sites and provide chatting and texting options. Mobile analytics tools can be integrated into your app, allowing you to learn more about your customers’ buying habits. With such data, you can be able to send personalized promotional materials and offers to individual customers. Personalization will ultimately lead to increased traffic and higher conversion.

2. Increase in Customer Loyalty

With your very own e-commerce mobile app, you can remain in communication with your customers even while they are on the move. You can use push notifications to send them direct messages about your latest offerings. With a mobile app for e-commerce, you can build loyal customers because they have downloaded and installed your app on their devices and haven’t been redirected to your site through online searches or ads. Instead of one-time shoppers, you can get loyal customers because they have a convenient way of shopping and paying for their purchases. You can also set up a loyalty rewards program to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

3. Better Conversion Rate

The beauty of e-commerce apps is that they allow you to integrate features such as social media and product videos to help you increase your conversion rate. Your site is also readily accessible, which is a huge advantage in countries with poor IT infrastructure. You can also optimize your site for organic searches and make it accessible for people with disabilities. Testimonials and product recommendations can also be provided to your visitors through a mobile app for e-commerce, which will go a long way in making them more likely to buy from you.

4. Boost in-store buying experience

If we talk about e commerce development - you can create a better online and in-store shopping experience for your customers with an e-commerce mobile app. If you run a physical store alongside your e-commerce platform, customers who visit your brick and mortar store can enjoy shopping if they have an app that shows them exactly where goods are located inside a store. The app can also be integrated with Google Maps to show them directions to your store(s). In addition, you can use geographical tagging to send push notifications when customers are close to your retail space such as when they visit a mall where your store is located.

5. Retail Apps are Addictive

Customers love using retail apps and that’s why application of e commerce is important. Convenience and flexibility are the driving factors and more people are now using mobile apps to window shop. A survey was recently conducted and it found that 86 percent of respondents have an e-commerce app and that 59 percent actually used their app several times a week. A retail app is unobtrusive and that is the reason why customers prefer them over web-based stores.

6. Improved Customer Care

With ecommerce mobile app development, you don’t need to rely solely on sales reps to provide excellent customer service. In fact, consumers sometimes find sales reps aren’t knowledgeable enough or they’re too pushy. By hiring and training store reps to handle consumer issues online, a company can provide customers with better customer care through Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and product reviews. You can also offer live chat, which will improve the productivity of your customer care department, and also help you to provide more consistent responses to customer inquiries. A retail app can also allow you to offer 24-hour telephone support further improving your customer service. Last but not least, you can empower customers by providing them with online self-service, helping users to solve their problems quickly.

7. Improved Usability

Unlike a web page, digital commerce applications means that you don’t have to wait for a page to load or go through such a process whenever you need to buy or shop for anything. An app also improves interactivity, which can allow you to provide high definition images, various animations, and sophisticated interactions for your users. Exclusive functionality can be built into your retail app, allowing smoother navigation and thus save time.

8. Ability to Use Built-in Smartphone Features

A Smartphone comes with various features that prove useful in providing unique customer experience. Features such as a GPS can provide directions and allow retailers to offer location-based discounts and offers. Users can use the camera function to photograph your products and share it with others, helping you promote your business. Users can even use the microphone to state what they’re searching for rather than typing it in a search bar.

9. Specialized Apps

With the help of a mobile app development agency, you can have a unique app for a particular product or e-commerce domain. For instance, if your company offers clothing and beauty products, you can have different apps for clothing, footwear, perfumes, and beauty products. You can also create a multi-device app, which can work on various devices ranging from mobile phones to tablets, televisions and e-book readers.

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In Conclusion

The bottom line is that retail apps are the future and a mobile the application developer can help your company reap the benefits of mobile e-commerce. Smartphone owners are now increasingly using their devices to shop and search for goods. A mobile app is also convenient and provides a personalized user experience that many customers now prefer. Perhaps the best thing about a mobile app is that it encourages users to become return customers rather than one-time shoppers.

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