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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your Business

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    March 24, 2017
5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your Business

The dawn of Artificial Intelligence is upon us. There are artificial intelligence pros and cons as well. AI is intelligence comparable or higher than humans being exhibited by artificial machines and computer systems. From SIRI to self-driving cars, AI is evolving in a way that mimics human characteristics, intellect, and behavior to astounding levels. There are experts and scientists such as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk the founder of SpcaeX and Tesla, who are predicting the future of humans with AI with stern warnings against the risks and hazards associated with fully developed and self-aware AI machines. Either way, the most prominent use of AI will be its industrial and business application. While artificial intelligence for business is not something new and have been in development since the advent of modern computers, it’s in the 21st century that the world is able to foresee and envision the possibilities that AI and Robotics can bring in the future of the business world. There are lots of amazing benefits of artificial intelligence, we can see artificial intelligence examples arround us.

Moving forward, we’ll discuss various scenarios and artificial intelligence trends in 2017 and it affects business. Below are the five major ways artificial intelligence will change business in 2017 and the coming years.

1. AI and Robotics will change the landscape of the Job Industry

One of the sure-shot ways AI will transform your business in 2017 is through automation. Almost each one of us, who know a thing or two about AI, know the risk robots will pose to manual labor, it’s a bitter pill to swallow but it is what the future holds. Manufacturing and large scale production industries will adopt artificial intelligence to replace human labor, as it is cheap with higher precision and productivity and less prone to errors.

But don’t worry, the future for humans is not so grim, as artificial intelligence in business will also create tons of job opportunities this year and the near future. Robots are developed by human beings after all (at least for now), demand for human labor and related business functions will rise in the robotics industry as well as the automation sector, where people will be in charge of supervising, maintaining and operating these machines.

Other sectors of business that will go through change due to the implementation of AI is Administrative Functions such as receptionists and admin assistant jobs as well as customer service. Whether it is answering calls to day-to-day accounting, the AI platforms will handle the same in much better fashion saving a lot of money for companies and leading toward more efficiency.

2. Superior Enterprise Mobility through AI

Enterprise mobility is the future of business with ai artificial intelligence, as the central office working model is gradually shifting to work from home or remote locations. With evolving AI solutions, the employers will be able to give employees the opportunity to work from anywhere. The superior enterprise mobility will allow the employees to take control of their schedules and environments, paving way for better efficiency and productivity. AI would also make it possible for such employees to acquire new skills and enhance their portfolio to become much more competent in a much easier fashion as they don’t have to be physically present for their skill enhancement and training programs.

3. Increased Efficiency & Higher Precision at Lower Costs

With the advent of superior artificial intelligence, the margin for error and mistakes that cost companies money as well as loss in productivity will be minimized. The businesses will able to enjoy higher efficiency and precision as AI eliminates human errors and creates less risk for businesses. In addition to that, machines work way faster than human beings and they don’t require to get paid, consequently, it will also result in cost efficiency and substantial cost savings for businesses.

Moreover, with stronger and faster computing abilities AI programs would be able to process large sets of data in a much faster fashion, aiding the business to great levels in strategizing, projecting and planning for business growth.

4. AI will help Integrate and Consolidate Business Operations

According to new AI trends for business in 2017, AI will also help business consolidate and integrate their business processes. One of the major problems faced by large scale businesses is the fragmentation of various business processes and create bad synergy and silos. AI technology integrated into enterprise resource planning solutions (ERP) will be able to take the fragmented working parts and combine them into a functioning whole by testing and analyzing each piece of information. This will result in consolidating employees, operations and systems and consequently, more efficiency, productivity, and revenue.

5. AI will pave way for Stronger Cyber Security

With the evolution of stronger AI, cybersecurity programs will be better equipped to test out and predict scenarios of cyber attacks and find loopholes in security. According to Lucas Carlson the founder of AppFog, “Artificial intelligence holds great promise with its ability to learn patterns of networks, devices, and systems and decode deviations that could reveal in-progress attacks”. In fact, a number of startups in 2017, are dedicated to developing such AI software that will ensure unprecedented levels of cyber security ensuring better data integrity and information safety for business all over.

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