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How to Hire the Best eCommerce Website Developer?

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    May 31, 2021
How to Hire the Best eCommerce Website Developer?

Are you planning to launch an online store around an e-commerce idea? A reliable e-commerce website development company is crucial for any business looking to build an online commerce site as it will help in building a viable comprehensive solution in their functional niche. Let us help you know about the role of an e-commerce developer and how to hire the best e-commerce developers for your project.

It will also ensure you a proper e-commerce presence, with which you will be able to effectively interface and engage with your target audiences.

Your brand’s e-store will showcase how good you are in promoting products and services. You need to come up with an interactive website or online presence to ensure the best outcomes for your online business. This is where the role of professional e-commerce developers comes in.

Role of an Ecommerce Website Developer

The ultimate role of an e-commerce developer is to bring up effective product management. It is up to the developers to bring all the components of e-commerce website development together. Developers are responsible for integrating the user interfaces into the user-friendly code. They make sure that all the respective functions are working properly. It is also important for them to ensure that scripts like Google Analytics are included. It is the duty of the developers to make sure that the third-party apps and plugins are integrated properly. The best ones out there are capable of handling apps development.

In addition to ensuring that every function of the e-commerce website is performing at a higher performance, they are also responsible for working on:

  • Updating database servers, including MySQL
  • Creation of test plans
  • Deployment management
  • Unit testing or API testing experience
  • Handling front-end web-based technologies like CSS, HTML5, JSON, AJAX, JS Framework, and JavaScript
  • Integrating other software applications, APIs, add-ons, and plugins
  • Coding with PHP
  • Scaling web-based applications
  • Data organization & relationships of e-commerce websites
  • Optimization of web server configurations
  • Maintenance of LAMP-based servers with the help of Webmin, SSH, Plesk, and others
  • Creation of custom payment forms with the integration of payment gateway

Traits to Look for in an Experienced E-commerce Website Developer

If you wish to design an attractive website, you should hire expert e-commerce website developers for your assistance. Here are some important traits to look out for:

#Website Design Skills

Whether you are building a new website or revamping the existing one, a professional web developer should be capable of highlighting the core basics of the website –including flow, contrast, color, spacing, layout, proportion, and balance. The developers should be capable of working harmoniously with your website development team to create a bespoke result for attracting and converting customers.

When e-commerce development is implemented correctly, you can have a functional website irrespective of the fact that it is too basic of a design.

#Effective Communication Skills

A web developer is the first person with whom the client is going to interact. Upon discussing the e-commerce project, it is imperative that the developer should be a good talker and listener. The client is going to maintain proper communication for establishing what they would want out of a website. You should note that web development might go beyond the concept of deepest technicalities. Therefore, when the website owner might not be too technical, it could turn out to be a challenging task.

With the help of a successful web developer, you can know all about the in-depth details of the project –right from its conceptualization to its effective implementation. The web developer will commence the project by asking important questions regarding all important information from the client. If it is possible, you can assess the goals of the company while taking actions as per the goals.

#Problem-solving Ability

You might have the best conversation with the client. However, imperfection is almost inevitable. At the same time, there are clients who know what they want to develop but are not able to put the same in exact words. The job of a professional web developer is to patiently fine-tune the existing design as per the requirements of the clients.

In addition to this, the website is expected to enter into the stage of technical issues in terms of browsing, maintenance, functionality, and integration. An experienced e-commerce developer for custom web development is capable of finding the root cause by analyzing the problem through various angles. Upon doing this, the developer would then come up with the best possible ecommerce solution.

#Updated with the Latest Technology & Trends

Just like digital technology, e-commerce trends keep up emerging and going. When you hire an e-commerce developer, you should note that the developer is being updated with the inside out of the industry. For achieving the same, the qualified developers can consider:

  • Subscribing to reliable resources like web blogs or feeds
  • Ensuring connections and joining a network of individuals involved in the same industry
  • Going through the latest published resources about the specific industry

#Expertise in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

When it comes to ecommerce web developers, these are some of the core programming languages that should be the domain of any website developer. When you hire ecommerce developers, they should be well-aware of the advanced understanding of important coding concepts like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This allows them to know and implement the functionalities of these coding languages into the respective ecommerce project effectively. This helps them to avoid common design mistakes that might result into the delayed launch of your e-commerce website.

#Proficiency in MySQL and PHP

MySQL and PHP are some of the most commonly used web development tools out there. PHP helps in the creation of dynamic web pages that are interactive and user-friendly at the same time. On the other hand, MySQL is for the management of content in the existing database. When the e-commerce website developer has ample knowledge and expertise in both the programming concepts, it will allow him or her to create almost any kind of website effortlessly.

Using basic coding concepts and extensive expertise, professional website developers can design anything –right from a simple blogging website to an interactive e-commerce website.

#Know-how About E-commerce Business

The development of an e-commerce website tends to be entirely different from the development of regular websites. In e-commerce website development, there are crucial decisions that are required to be made along the road. What is the preferred payment gateway of the client? Does the client prefer payment through cash or a credit card? What is the digital marketing strategy of the company? Will there be any need to set up extra third-party apps?

A professional web developer is capable of influencing and helping businesses to be successful online. As such, they are expected to have proper knowledge about the working of e-commerce platforms. They should also be able to offer advice on web development strategies and tools upon requirement.

Top Benefits of Hiring Professional E-Commerce Developers

When you partner with the best web development company, you get access to the expertise of highly qualified and experienced ecommerce website developer for your project. While hiring professional e-commerce developers, it is important to note that the e-commerce website is distinct from an e-commerce store because of the feature of endless time and immense geographical availability. It is advised that you should seek services from e-commerce web developers who are capable of creating an online store or platform that is interactive, omnipresent, and adaptable as per your specific business requirements.

When you hire services from qualified e-commerce developers, these are some of the benefits you can obtain:

#Domain Proficiency

With reliable services from reputed e-commerce development companies, you can have the expertise and in-depth domain proficiency through experienced web developers. The skilled professionals always keep themselves updated about the latest technological advancements in the industry with the help of their domain expertise.

#On-time Project Delivery

A best ecommerce website development company has the presence of professionals who are dedicated to delivering the projects on time. Experienced e-commerce experts work on every project with utmost diligence as well as compatibility while considering all possible aspects of the project as a challenge to accomplish. The professional e-commerce developers from esteemed companies are committed to developing long-term relationships with the clients by providing completed projects on time as per the claims. This allows you to have flexible time while working on other core business strategies.

#Delivering Great Results

Once you have hired a reliable ecommerce web development company for designing your e-commerce website, you can be assured of receiving great results. As they are aware of the rules of working in an ambitious and competitive market, they can offer the assurance of excellent results as far as e-commerce website development is concerned. You can be at peace of mind that the end result is going to be a distinctively designed and highly interactive website.

#Creation of a World-class E-commerce Website

If you are planning to get the website developed from some licensed and experienced development team, you can receive the additional benefits of the latest development strategies and tools that would be otherwise not possible to reach on your own. The best e-commerce development firms help in the development of attractive websites that help in driving maximum traffic to the site.

#Saving Time & Money

As you outsource your e-commerce development project to reliable developers, it turns out to be beneficial for you in the long run. It will help you with the overall cost and time in doing the project on your own or hiring an in-house team to complete the job. In the given scenario, web development companies can take the entire control of designing bespoke and highly functional websites as per the specific business requirements.

Tips to Hire the Best E-commerce Developers

There is a single certain way to improve the e-commerce website or design an interactive one – hire ecommerce developer who is trained.

The establishment of a successful e-commerce website is not as simple as it appears. Any e-commerce platform would require proper care –not only across the process of development but also after the website has been launched. Positive user experience, constant website updates, post-deployment support, and bug fixing –all of these factors require the expertise of professional web developers from a reliable ecommerce development company.

As the number of e-commerce platforms is growing, so is the number of reputed e-commerce development companies or developers. The selection of the right team of e-commerce developers is quite overwhelming –given the number of options available. Here are some tips that can help you to choose the best e-commerce developers for your project:

#Identify the Specific Requirements of the Project

Before you go ahead with selecting a web development team, you should be capable of clearly determining the specific requirements of the given project. Are you not sure of how to identify core project challenges? Here are some easy steps to follow:

  • Deciding on the goal of the project
  • Choosing the core features that are essential for the website
  • Getting rid of unimportant options
  • Fixing the budget

#Inquire About Relevant Experience in the Industry

The launch of a successful ecommerce portal turns out to be more complicated than the development of a simple website. You should inquire the prospective developers about the relevant experience in the field of e-commerce development in the past.

Analyze whether or not the developers have proper experience when it comes to offering features that are relevant to the e-commerce industry. For instance, are the developers aware of the process of integration of payment service with your website? Are they capable of implementing e-commerce product videos into the platform?

When you have access to simple know-how, you can easily hire the best team of e-commerce developers.

#Go Through Portfolios and References

You can go through the previous works of the company when it comes to hiring a reliable team of ecommerce developers. A thorough portfolio review can be helpful in allowing you to observe whether the specific expectations of your business fit the design & development patterns of the developers. Are you content with the entire UX or User Experience of the respective platform? UX is crucial for your business along with that of the client’s satisfaction.

As you would contact the previous clients of the developer, it will help you in setting proper expectations with respect to the development of your e-commerce platform. References are helpful in offering crucial insight into whether or not the development team will be able to implement the same approach in your website development project.

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#Select the Right CMS (Content Management System)

Which CMS do you intend to make use of for your e-commerce website? Is it going to be Drupal or WordPress? When you make the choice of the right CMS for e-commerce website development, it serves to be a vital component in setting up the foundation of a successful website. An experienced web developer can offer advice on choosing the right CMS for meeting all specific requirements of the e-commerce business.

#Analyze the Approach that Developers Follow

When you are aware of the working strategy of the respective developers, it allows you to ensure successful collaboration. This allows the customers to come up with realistic goals while clearing the respective timelines & workflows.

How is the ecommerce development company managing the project? Are they following the waterfall or agile methodology? Which development approach is the best for your business? When you discuss the given concern with the web development team, you can expect the best results for your project.

#Analyze the Pricing Model with the Web Development Company

When you are hiring developers from an esteemed development company, it is imperative for you to know about specific details of contract pricing. You can come across a wide range of billing models. Some of the common ones are:

  • Fixed price model
  • Material & time model

When you choose the right project pricing model, you should consider the complexity and size of your project. There are several factors to consider when you wish to determine the right model.

#Agree on the Communication Channel

Seamless communication is an integral component of a successful web development project. Analyze how you are going to be in contact with the developers. At the same time, it is imperative for you to ensure that there is at least a single face-to-face meeting before you hire ecommerce developers.

#Outsource & in-house Projects

You can come across web development companies taking up ecommerce development projects and outsourcing the same to some other company or team. You should be clear about your outsourcing goals to be assured of the team working on your project.


E-commerce development is an arduous task – especially if you are new to the domain and have no prior knowledge about the development process. In such a scenario, hiring a professional web or e-commerce developers can be an ideal solution. With their proficient knowledge and relevant expertise, you can rest assured that your project is handled by experts. Based on your unique business requirements, you can hire the best team of e-commerce developers to fulfill your needs.

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