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Beat Your Competitors by Using AI in Social Media Marketing: Here's How

If your business is not on social media, you are losing to your competitors. Social media is a goldmine for businesses, but competition is fierce. However, those leveraging AI in their social media strategies are reaping serious rewards such as high conversion rates, and low cost of customer acquisition.

Beat Your Competitors by Using AI in Social Media Marketing: Here's How

The Impact of AI on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms run on algorithms to identify and prioritize engaging content for users. They check for content that is relevant, engaging, and are safe for users. 

However, each platform has billions of users. Analyzing and reviewing each content is tough with a growing number of users. 

Artificial Intelligence is solving this challenge by making these algorithms smarter than before. It analyzes tons of data and a variety of contents faster than traditional algorithms. 

Here is how famous platforms are leveraging AI:

  1. Facebook shows relevant posts on users' feeds using AI.
  2. Facebook also uses artificial intelligence to detect offensive and inappropriate content that violates its policies. 
  3. Snapchat uses AI to enhance their filters making them more interesting and interactive.
  4. LinkedIn uses AI algorithms to recommend the most relevant job offers and profiles for networking. 
  5. Instagram works on AI algorithms to track users’ behavior and past interactions to show relevant content. 

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AI Cuts AI: Matching the Machine’s Game

AI is making things easier for social media platforms, but it has increased challenges for users and businesses. Businesses can match the beat by using AI to understand these algorithms and create content that easily reach the right audience.  

Here are a few smart ways to use AI for your social media success.  

1. Content Creation

Coming up with new ideas daily is not easy for your marketing team. A lot happens at the backend, from understanding users’ preferences to researching trending topics. 

And since social media users always get attracted to trends, creating content that matches the trend while maintaining brand voice is not easy. How AI can help in content creation.

AI tools are great for taking inspiration for social media content. They save time in discovering what’s trending around you. Besides content inspiration, AI also helps in creating different forms of content such as posts, quizzes, polls, and stories.

A few AI tools businesses can use for social media content creation are:

  • ContentStudio
  • SocialBee
  • Buffer
  • ChatGPT
  • CopyAI

2. Targeted Advertising and Marketing 

Each social media platform serves a different purpose. For example, LinkedIn is great for job seekers and businesses whereas Instagram works well for brands. AI-driven social media marketing helps you target a diverse audience on multiple platforms. Here is how. 

Audience Segmentation: Segment your audience based on demographics, interests, and online behavior using AI tools. This allows you to create highly targeted ad campaigns that reach the right people at the right time with the right message.

Lookalike Audience Generation: Use AI to expand your reach and acquire more customers by identifying audience similar to the existing customer base. This audience is most likely to convert. 

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO): Generate different ad variations using AI depending on real-time performance. This way your ads are always fresh and relevant, and also give the highest possible click-through rates (CTRs).

3. Sentiment Analysis

Your customers interact with your business more on social media platforms than on any other platform. Their positive words have the power to influence people. But negative words spread faster than positive ones. So, knowing what your customers say behind your back is important. 

AI helps in customer sentiment analysis by analyzing their emotions from text and audio-based comments, mentions, and messages. 

You can identify and address those feedbacks promptly and convert negative experience into positive interactions. Besides improving customer experience, it also helps in identifying brand advocates who can help you reach more audience. 

4. Community Management Automation

Responding to every user is tough for your social media team because of time zone differences. By using AI chatbots on social media platforms, you can respond to every greeting from your customers or thank followers even after business hours. 

It also interacts with users in natural language, keeping that human touch intact on social media. 


The social media landscape has become more than a place to connect with people worldwide, it is a battlefield. Every business is targeting its audience on Facebook, Instagram, and every other platform. By using the power of AI in social media marketing, you can target them effectively while boosting your revenue and brand presence.

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