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5 Ways an HR Chatbot Redefines the ‘Human’ in Human Resources

Your workforce serves as the operational heartbeat, and addressing their queries is crucial. However, as team grows, organizations face the challenge of expanding their HR teams, which involves considerations such as budgets, recruitment, and other logistical factors.

5 Ways an HR Chatbot Redefines the ‘Human’ in Human Resources

An HR Chatbot can help your HR team engage and support employees even if your workforce keeps on expanding. Here’s are the most popular use cases of AI chatbot in human resources department.  

Use Case 1. HR Chatbot for Recruitment   

According to Glassdoor, on average it takes 42 days to fill a vacancy. Multiple vacancies mean more time to fill the vacancy as there would be thousands of resumes to screen in. 

An HR chatbot is a smart talent acquisition tool to find the best talent across the globe. It helps in filling the positions faster by automating application screening on the scale and shortlisting candidates for multiple job profiles in one go. 

For companies with lengthy and complex recruitment, an AI recruitment chatbot ensures drop-out rate is less and right applicants get a convenient, fast, and personalized experience. 

Use Case 2. Onboarding and Documentation  

The way you onboard new employees sets an image of your company and its culture. A conversational HR virtual assistant can replicate human efforts and guide new employees to settle comfortably within the company. It provides support on multiple aspects like understanding the company’s policies and guidelines, documentation, and setting up work accounts. 

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Use Case 3. Employee Helpdesk  

The hybrid and remote work environment have not only distanced the employees and HRs but also affected the way they communicate. Here’s how, imagine your employee needs an urgent assistant at ITR for which they would either call or text HR. What if they are not available right away or take time to respond? Raising a ticket on the helpdesk and waiting for someone to help will only increase their frustration and reduce employee satisfaction. 

A human resources AI chatbot connects with employees on any platform, be it Slack, Teams, or internal portals. It also reduces the ticket resolution time of HR supporting employees when they need it the most. 

Use Case 4. Employee Feedback

How your employees react to changes in policy or guidelines, or implementation of new initiatives affects the employee satisfaction level. But how you record this reaction also matters. Taking feedback over emails or survey forms does not always bring out honest results for this evaluation. 

An HR virtual assistant can take employees’ feedback on multiple aspects in a personalized way without forcing them to fill out lengthy survey forms. All it does is communicate with employees just like a human would do and ask whether they are happy or unhappy with the change. The analysis is then presented in a structured format to help HR easily understand what and where the change is needed. 

Use Case 5. Employee Experience  

A conversational HR chatbot can automate tasks such as leave management or reimbursements. Employees can directly apply for leave or check their attendance through voice or text commands to the human resources chatbot. The best part is they can perform these activities in a language they are comfortable with. 

They can even check company policies submit claims for reimbursement, and check leave approvals or status without disturbing the HR. By giving the freedom of self-service, you not only boost employee experience but also leave enough time window for HRs to do what they are best at. 

HR Chatbot: The Must-Have Team Member in Your Workforce!

A human resources chatbot is a valuable addition to the workforce and not a replacement for real HR professionals.   

Amplifying their power gives them an undivided focus to create a truly engaging and supportive work environment for employees. Its benefits go beyond the pursuit of employee and human resources teams, supporting the company’s efforts and values to create a modern and great place to work. 

Softude has developed a conversational HR chatbot who can read, speak, write, and understand the intention behind users’ query. 

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