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Hiring Hustle Simplified for a Leading Law Firm, Thanks to The Custom Employee Onboarding Portal!

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    May 11, 2023
Hiring Hustle Simplified for a Leading Law Firm, Thanks to The Custom Employee Onboarding Portal!

Recruiting and onboarding new employees is akin to a journey where a company's success depends on how smoothly and efficiently it is executed. Yet, with the right tools, this journey can be riddled with obstacles if they lack important functionalities.

That’s what happened with a prominent commercial law firm when their in-house employee onboarding portal streamlined the whole process only halfway. But with Softude’s help, employee induction was 35% faster than before.

Scroll up to know how we made it possible.

A Great Start But Paused Halfway 

The firm, being one of the biggest legal partnerships, is devoted to providing its clients with exceptional quality legal counsel and delivering unmatched value for their money.

They want the best for their clients spanning across various sectors. Thus, to select only top talent in their squad, they partnered with third-party recruitment consulting agencies. Their entire recruitment process, from releasing vacancies to sending recruitment packets, was facilitated through an employee onboarding portal.

What Went Wrong?

Lack of analytics, difficulty in tracking progress, and no collaboration system, quickly turned the process into a tangled web of confusion and inefficiency.

Lack of Analytics

Without analytics to gauge the status of each candidate, they were shooting in the dark. It was hard to know where each applicant stands in the hiring process, and communication between HR, recruitment agencies, and candidates quickly became muddled.

Difficulty in Tracking Progress

In the absence of a tracking mechanism, it was difficult for the HR team to know which documents have been completed and which still need to be submitted by the candidates.

Collaborated But No Collaboration

On top of that, with no mailing system in place, HR and recruitment agencies found themselves struggling to stay on the same page. Communicating over phone calls and emails was the only medium which resulted in an arduous back-and-forth, with candidates feeling out of the loop and agencies frustrated with the slow pace of communication.

Still Traditional

The firm was relying on the traditional signing of documents and offer letters i.e., candidates either had to mail the signed documents or submit them manually.  

All these limitations of the existing employee onboarding portal wasted a lot of their time, demanding a completely new solution with the e-signing feature.

Recruitment Redefined with a Custom Employee Onboarding Portal

This law firm turned to Softude for developing a new employee onboarding portal with a scratch that would be equipped with an e-signing feature.

To mitigate the above-mentioned limitations and fulfilling the requirements of our client, we developed the web-based portal from square one without compromising their existing database.

Features That Transformed The Employee Onboarding

Dashboard For Insights

The various HR departments across the multiple offices of this firm has a single view of all the insights on vacancies. They can even download the full report on the number of vacancies on hold, active, filled, awaiting approval, interviewing, offer pending, etc.

Digital Signing of Documents

DocuSign API and DocuSign collect are integrated into the portal to streamline the process of collecting electronic signatures. The API allows the portal to automate the process of sending, signing, and managing documents like offer letters, eliminating the need for paper-based signatures.

Employees can then sign these documents electronically, either from their desktop or mobile device. Once the documents are signed, the API automatically updates the portal, so HR managers can track the status of each document in real time.

Seamless Communication

Unlike before, HR teams and recruitment agencies did not have to struggle over phone calls and emails to stay up to date regarding vacancies or candidate information. The new portal’s in-built mailing system allows them to directly connect from a single platform without switching to any application.  

Real-time Alerts on Vacancies

Now the HR departments across different offices of the client’s firm can allot the registered agencies against open vacancies in their respective area. On the other hand, agencies will get notifications as soon as the vacancies are available. They can then filter out eligible candidates and shared the same with the HR teams.

Multiple User Roles

The portal is accessible by all three- HR, recruitment agencies, and candidates. It has multiple user roles with pre-defined functionalities. Here are the actions each user can perform through the new employee onboarding portal.

Firms’ HR Department

  • Create vacancies and check the vacancy status through the dashboard
  • View candidates’ information, their interviews, and recruitment status by location, position, etc.
  • Release and track offer letters status
  • Release and track the recruitment packet once the candidate signed the offer letter
  • Update the hiring status after document verification
  • Manage registered agencies

Registered Third-party Recruitment Agencies

  • Get notifications against the number of open positions 
  • View available vacancies by location, position
  • Update the candidates’ information against each vacancy

Candidates Onboarding 

  • Digitally sign the offer letter
  • Upload required documents directly from the portal 

Firm said goodbye to tedious onboarding processes, with  

  • 35% faster processing and handling of applications than before.
  • Successfully onboarded over 470 candidates and counting, saving valuable time for HR managers, and ensuring a smooth transition for new hires.
  • Effortlessly managing data of over 1000 employees 
  • Reduced time and efforts to collect signed offer letters and documents manually. Thanks to the E-signing feature!
  • Real-time alerts kept HR and agencies in the loop, eliminating the need to worry about missing an important update.
  • Informed decisions with detailed analytics at their fingertips. 
  • Data repository for instant access to information on new and old hires.

Don't let traditional solutions hold you back!

Softude’s innovative and highly professional tech team of open-source, AI/ML, low-code, and cybersecurity experts let you embrace the future with modern tech solutions. 

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