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AI-Enabled Location Tracking System for Enhanced Delivery Efficiency

About Our Client

Our client is a mobile app startup specializing in address location for the growing online delivery market. Their tech-savvy team has a strong background in database development and data management, enabling them to understand the challenges faced by delivery drivers and develop solutions that optimize efficiency and accuracy.

The Need

The client faced significant inefficiencies with traditional postcode navigation systems, which often led to inaccurate destinations. These inaccuracies caused delays and frustration for professional drivers, impacting overall delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our Solution

Softude developed a mobile app using React Native, integrating advanced algorithms to provide precise geographic coordinates for hard-to-find addresses. This solution ensured drivers could arrive directly at the front door, minimizing time spent searching for the correct location and reducing stress. The app specifically targets named properties like cottages, farms, and new buildings. It also saves time by scanning postcodes directly from the app, eliminating the need for manual input.


  • Improved delivery punctuality by reducing delays and ensuring on-time deliveries.
  • Significant Time Savings with users saving an average of one hour daily.
  • Accurate Precise Location Finding for hard-to-find addresses.
  • Simplified Navigation for delivery drivers, especially to named properties like cottages and farms.

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