Systematix Infotech Sets Afloat Crucial Policies Against Covid-19

June 4, 2021

CHARLOTTE, NC, USA, June 4, 2021 / -- Charlotte, USA. 28th May 2021 – Systematix Infotech stands out to be one of the aware corporate firms crusading to fight against the fatal Coronavirus outbreak and its after-impact that prevails at scale.‍

The company headquartered in India with offices at five diverse locations that are USA, Singapore, and other countries. The viral disaster goes at our headquarter. The company has closely faced challenging times of distress and loss as Coronavirus impacted lives in every form. As the situation gets tough for many due to the apparent health hazard and financial crisis, Systematix decides to extend needful help to their team members and society.‍

Responding to the current situation the Chief Executive Officer, Systematix - Ajay Bhoraskar, says, “The last 15 days have been the toughest. We lost two of our young team members. We cannot fill the void in the life of the deceased’s families, but we can try to make them comfortable financially and emotionally. Considering this, Systematix management has introduced a revised employment benefits policy in India, Hope - a helpline app, and a scholarship and mentorship program for the children affected by a coronavirus.”‍

The revision in the benefits policy created in the wake of the pandemic situation gets the COVID-deceased employees’ dependents half of the salary for two years. Adding to the relief of the family, the company funds their children’s education and grants medical insurance cover to the family for five years. Ensuring nothing affects them financially down the line, the company offers permanent employment to the dependent along with the required training and mentoring.‍

As a community project, SIPL Hope App aims at helping a larger group of people as a city-wide member’s helpline initiative. As explained by Mr. Bhoraskar “What started as a WhatsApp Group ‘SIPL Hope Helpline’ for providing immediate assistance to our team has now been given a technical edge with a dedicated App. The result is ‘SIPL Hope’ - a PWA App for our team, their families, and anyone else in Indore city so that precious time is not lost in finding the right information and resources. It helps to quickly find Plasma and Blood donors, Hospitals, Labs, Doctors, Suppliers of Oxygen concentrators, Lifesaving drugs, Oxygen cylinders, etc.”‍

Taking another considerate step, the company has introduced a scholarship program in the loving memory of their Director-Sales Late Ashish Mahajan. SIPL Ashish Mahajan Memorial Scholarship will provide scholarship and mentorship from the senior professionals of the company to 25 children impacted due to Covid19 from outside of the Systematix family.‍

Well, that’s social affirmation, commemoration, and charity in one frame of thoughtful gesture going big and real.‍

Taking this dialog further the Founder and Managing Director, Systematix- Sunil Rawat says, “We are going through the toughest times of survival. But, that doesn’t stop us from standing tougher, going stronger, and minimizing the stress of our team members. We are here to do every bit of what we can do to fight this back and come out winning together.”‍

Desperate times, desperate measures. Such statements coming from the top leaders stand out to be highly reassuring and encouraging for all. Especially, when there’s seemingly no immediate end to a crisis like this.‍

Systematix Infotech (A CMMI Level 3 Company) is known for its innovation-driven approach in the field of Information Technology. With 16+ years of experience serving 900+ clients worldwide, the company marks a strong presence in transforming and inspiring businesses and trends globally and providing top-notch services Mobile App Development, Software Development & Web Application Development.‍

The company has been vocal about public issues in past. People’s welfare has been a constant act of duty for the team at Systematix and now in these demanding times, they have stepped up to create all-pervasive survival and benefit programs that aim at pacifying and eliminating the suffering that surrounds them.

The company appeals to everyone to join hands and help each other connecting through the “SIPL Hope” app and Systematix Foundation. Hoping to see all connected through the dire times and bring back life in motion.

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