Softude hosts Central India's first-ever UX Meetup in association with ADPList

October 10, 2022

Softude (By SystematixInfo- tech)hosted Central India's first-ever UX meet-up focusing on emerging designers exploring the career path in design with an insightful panel discussion and networking sessions in collaboration with ADPList. ADPList is a global community of more than 10175 mentors from 60+ countries providing a platform and support network to designers, product managers, and engineers to come together, learn from one another, and strive to be better.

Design enthusiasts, students, and professionals were invited to participate in the meetup, which served as a learning and networking opportunity. It helped them have a better understanding of their career choices and gave them insights to explore various design fields.

Through this initiative, the participants got a chance to connect with their peers and counterparts and expand their understanding of design.

Shree Ransubhe, the keynote speaker of the event, addressed how there are different types of designers and design roles, but the sole purpose is design and one has to focus on refining the skills that they are passionate about and become an expert in that.

He said, "Everyone has a very unique skill set and approach towards design, one must decode the chemical X on the current state of user experience."

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