Softude and Workie Startup Accelerator Program Team Up to Offer Game-Changing Partnership for Early-Stage Startups

May 5, 2023

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India -Softude (by Systematix Infotech Pvt. Ltd.) and Workie have joined forces to foster a partnership that will fuel Indian startup growth. With over 1000 startups in their early or growth stages in Indore, Central India is emerging as a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurship. The partnership between Softude and Workie could not have come at a better time.

The Workie Accelerator Program is a renowned initiative that offers an extensive range of facilities to early-stage startups. This is Central India's largest accelerator program and offers mentorship, networking opportunities, funding, and legal and compliance assistance. And now this partnership with Softude, CMMI Level 5 appraised global IT consulting and software development company that has roots in Indore, will power the program to extend its support in the area of technology.

Sunil Rawat, the Managing Director of Softude, recently announced the company's partnership with Workie, expressing his enthusiasm for the collaboration. In his statement, Rawat said, "We are thrilled to join forces with Workie to offer early-stage startups tech and digital marketing support. Technology has become a fundamental enabler in the growth and success of startups, and our program will provide consulting and development services to help these businesses harness the latest trends, technologies, and tools for optimal growth. This includes leveraging the transformative power of AI to streamline operations and drive growth.

At Softude, we have always been committed to fostering inclusive, accessible, and novel innovations that set a strong foundation for development in a country, and our partnership with Workie is a testament to that commitment. We are excited to offer our expertise and services to help these startups achieve their full potential. Our associate brand, EvenDigit, will also play a crucial role in this partnership by offering integrated digital marketing services to help these startups leverage the power of digital media to take their businesses to the next level."

Sawan Ladda, the visionary founder of Workie, had some exciting words to share about the partnership. He said, "We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Softude as our partner in this endeavor. The wealth of knowledge and expertise they bring in technology and digital marketing is invaluable to the startups enrolled in the program, making our accelerator program more comprehensive than ever. This is a significant milestone for us, as we can now offer everything a startup would need to be successful, from expert consulting and development services to cutting-edge digital marketing support. We can't wait to see how the future unfolds for our startups. With Softude's support, we are confident that our startups will have all the tools and resources they need to thrive and reach new heights of success. This partnership is a major step forward in our commitment to empowering startups and driving innovation in the startup ecosystem."

The partnership announcement has generated excitement and positivity in the startup community. The collaboration between Softude and Workie is expected to strengthen the startup ecosystem in Indore and beyond, driving innovation and growth for years to come.

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About Softude

Softude is a global IT consulting and services company with 18+ years of experience and specializes in architecting digital transformation solutions and providing software product engineering services. Softude is also recognized for its quality and standards, being a CMMI Level 5 appraised, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015 certified, Great Place To Work, Nasscom, and CRISIL Member Company.

About Workie

Workie is a real estate company that offers coworking spaces fully equipped with all the necessary facilities required in a workspace, along with a comprehensive range of amenities that promote productivity and cultivate a dynamic community. Moreover, it operates a startup accelerator program that is tailor-made to provide support and fast-track the growth of early-stage startups.

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