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What is Shadowrocket App and Why You Should Develop One?

Your audience want to browse internet safely without risking their identity and private information. They need digital freedom without any content and geographical restrictions. But that’s unreal as some region has internet censorship. Developing an app like Shadowrocket app will give them real freedom.

What is Shadowrocket App and Why You Should Develop One?

This application is currently shaking the mobile market for its unique features, giving every other app a tough competition. Businesses are in rush to quickly launch its alternatives as it brings huge profit for them as well. Read this post to know why Shadowrocket is so popular and why you should develop its alternative.  

What is a Shadowrocket app?

Shadow Launch Technology Limited based in China has developed the Shadowrocket app for Android and iOS device users. It is a proxy-utility client app that allows users to bypass internet censorship by forwarding their internet traffic to a proxy server. The app supports shadowsocks, SOCKS5, Trojan, and VMess proxy and can distinguish which apps or websites to proxy based on user-defined rules.

It evaluates traffic, speed, and capacity to determine the best rule for importing files from URLs. The application boasts a customizable ad blocker, and support for script filtering, local DNS mapping, and URL rewriting, providing users with fine-grained control over their online interactions. The app is versatile too as it works on both Wi-Fi and mobile data connections.

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How Shadowrocket App is Different From VPN?

Though the app sounds more like a VPN since it connects users with restricted content it's completely different from VPN. Here’s how Shadowrocket is different from VPN.

  • VPN hides all the user traffic through multiple layers of encryption protocols which in case doesn’t happen in Shadowrocket. Instead, it makes data look like HTTPS traffic, making Shadowrocket lightweight and transparent.
  • VPN adds privacy and security whereas Shadowrocket only bypasses censorship to give access to restricted content.
  • Shadowrocket is better and more affordable than traditional VPN software, as it comes at a one-time cost of $2.99.

3 Reasons to Develop an App Similar to Shadowrocket?

Developing an app similar to Shadowrocket offers a range of benefits to businesses looking to enter the mobile app market, particularly in niches related to privacy, security, and internet freedom. Here are some of the key advantages:

1. Tapping into the Growing Demand for Privacy and Security

With increasing concerns over internet privacy and data security, there is a growing demand for solutions that protect users' online activities. An app like Shadowrocket, which offers encrypted proxy services, can attract users looking for reliable ways to safeguard their internet connection.

2. Diversification of Product Offerings

For businesses already in the tech sector, adding a privacy-focused app to their product lineup can diversify their offerings and open up new revenue streams. It's an excellent opportunity to cater to a niche market with specific needs.

3. Monetization Opportunities

Shadowrocket app works on subscription and in-app purchase models. It charges around $2.99 for Android users. Given the app's value proposition and features, users are more willing to pay for enhanced privacy and security features.

How to Develop the Shadowrocket app?

Developing an app similar to Shadowrocket is not difficult however it requires an experienced team of developers in the niche market. If you don’t have an in-house team or have limited developers, outsource mobile app developers who have good knowledge of the following technologies:

  • Front-end and Back-end: React.js, Angular, Node.js, Java, Python, Swift, Kotlin
  • Database: MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL
  • Cloud hosting: AWS
  • Version Control System: GitHub
  • Container Orchestration System: Kubernotes
  • Security: AES encryption

We have mobile app developers who are well-versed in these technologies and have developed apps for almost every industry. You can consult our experts for discussing your requirements. 

5 Must-Have Features to Add in Your Proxy-Utility App

When developing a proxy-utility app, features matter the most as they make your app stand out from competitors. Here are the key features of the Shadowrocket app that are must-add in your application.

  • Advanced Encryption- Security is the biggest aspect of such applications restricting third parties and hackers from tracking users’ activity. Advanced encryption protocols like IPSec, IKEv2, OpenVPN, and many more are a must for users’ safety and security.
  • Proxy Manager- Make sure that users can easily and quickly change proxy servers through your application. A built-in proxy manager will make this transition swift.
  • Advanced Configuration- The Shadowrocket app offers customization to users allowing them to decide whether they want to see add or not, customize their proxy rules, and adjust as per their device. So, ensure your app also offers such configurable options.
  • Cross-Platform Availability- Targeting a particular segment of the audience would bring less profit to you. So, make sure you develop a Shadowrocket-like app for Android, windows as well as iOS users. This will increase your user base and revenue.
  • Ease of Set-up- Similar apps like Shadowrocket are not as popular as it is because they are designed for tech-savvy users.  


The Shadowrocket app represents more than just a business opportunity. It reflects a growing demand for online autonomy and privacy. Thus, creating a similar app isn't just about entering a niche market; it's about giving users the freedom to browse without borders. However, security is crucial when developing proxy-utility apps. Hiring an experienced mobile app development company will ensure both security and great success in the market.

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