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How Much Does an AI Text-to-Speech App Cost?

Text-to-speech apps save a lot of time in consuming content, especially for people with disabilities. Adding AI to these apps will make them even better, enhancing their features and user experience. And for businesses, they are a golden opportunity to lead the AI market as their growing demand will push the market value to $12.5 billion by 2031. But a key question remains: How much does it cost to build an AI text-to-speech app? We have the answer. 

How Much Does an AI Text-to-Speech App Cost?

What is an AI Text-to-Speech App?

TTS or text-to-speech technology has been there even before AI, but they worked on a rule-based approach. They play the pre-recorded sound or computer-generated voice to read the text. 

Such technology was also known as read-aloud technology. However, the audio quality of such apps is not good, and they sound less like humans. 

The advanced versions have no such challenges. They work on artificial intelligence and convert text into voice in real time. The audio quality is even far better than traditional apps and they sound natural like humans. 

Here are a few examples of popular AI voice apps in the market 

  • Speechify
  • ElevenLabs
  • WellSaid Labs
  • Researcher
  • Murf

These apps can do more than just text-to-voice conversion. Let’s learn about those features as the final development cost will depend on them. 

Key Features in AI Voice Generator App 

Text Scanning

Let’s begin with the core functionality. Text scanning is an important feature in these apps to read the text and convert it into a different format. They are also capable of scanning text from images, PDF files, and directly from browsers.

Multiple Language

Earlier TTS apps could read the text in its original language. The advanced apps support more than local languages and produce results in global languages. This feature helps in global audience to use AI voice apps. 

Accent Support

Not just multiple languages, these apps generate voices into local accents to improve the user experience. However, generating accurate accents requires high-quality data to train AI models. 

Text Highlighting 

An important feature in the AI voice generator app is text highlight which improves the reading experience of users. They help them keep track of the content. 

Speed and Pitch Adjustment

To easily grasp the content through audio, these apps allow users to adjust the speed and pitch of the voice as per their needs. They can listen to text however they want.  

Collaboration with Other Apps

AI voice apps work with other apps too such as Gmail, Whatsapp, and Adobe. This integration is a must to make the app versatile and allow users to read text from anywhere. For example, it could work with productivity apps to read out documents, emails, or messages, or integrate with educational apps to assist with language learning and accessibility.

Offline Functionality  

Despite the above-mentioned functionalities, one more feature that makes the app more accessible is offline mode. Users from around the world, with or without an internet connection, should be able to such applications. 

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Factors That Determine the Cost 

Although by including these features, you can be sure about its development cost, there’s something else to consider too. These factors can make your app even far better than those in the market, but they can also fluctuate the final cost. 

Therefore, knowing about these factors is very important to calculate every aspect of the development budget. 

1. Algorithm Complexity

An AI voice generator app with a simple algorithm might make your app lightweight and less costly but it won’t produce quality results. They have to be complex to produce genuine and accurate results. This complexity usually comes from the multi-layered processing and dependency on different types of data. But complexity comes at the price making your AI voice app development an expensive affair. 

2. Third-Party API Integration

Just like any other mobile or web app, AI apps also need to work with third-party APIs. This integration improves their capabilities. However, integrating with multiple apps and services increases the development cost. So, be sure about the type of integration you want the app to have.  

3. UI and UX Requirements

No matter how great your app is, if doesn’t appeal to your target customers it won’t be much valuable. Therefore, UI and UX should be the top priority. Your app should have cool themes, colors, perfect typography, and elements that enhance the user experience. Again, a great UI/UX comes at a big price. 

4. Language and Accent Complexity 

This unique but must-have feature of text-to-speech apps also increases the overall cost of development. Because adding this feature is complex and requires expertise. 

5. Data Quality 

Your AI app needs clean and high-quality data for learning and producing quality results. Collecting, sorting, and processing this data will further increase the budget.  

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How Much Does It Cost to Build an AI Voice Generator App?

Now comes the main aspect- the cost. A lot goes into the AI app development, from conceptualization to designing, development to deployment. Each stage has its price which may take the overall budget to $300000. This is just the tentative range and not the final cost. But you can save money and risk by hiring AI app developers


Every one out of five apps in the market have AI features. In this tough competition, launching an app with voice technology is both beneficial and expensive. There’s also a risk of whether the target audience would adopt or not. By evaluating the most demanded features and every single aspect that affects the cost, you can navigate this risk. Hiring an AI app development company is your best bet if you are not sure or lack key resources to develop AI voice apps.

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