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$75 Million Raised Successfully Through an Optimized Fundraising Platform for Superior User Experience

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    April 7, 2023
$75 Million Raised Successfully Through an Optimized Fundraising Platform for Superior User Experience

Fundraising has never been easy for charitable service organizations/non-profit organizations. Most of their support comes from local fundraisers who act as an intermediate between these organizations and donors.

Our client is one of the leading fundraisers in the USA and running the business successfully for the past 25 years. The client has helped more than 2000 clients ( non-profit groups, schools, sports teams, churches, etc.) in crowdfunding and so far, raised over $75 million for them.

A Quick Overview of The Unique Business Model of Client

Organizations can raise funds by choosing fundraiser programs offered by the client. These fundraisers are based on popular sports events such as hockey, basketball, football, baseball, and golf. The platform offers a customizable range of tear-off tickets with unique combinations of downloading music and watching sports tournaments. Participants also have the chance to win cash prizes in sweepstakes based on game card scores.

The tickets are sold to sellers in bulk for further sales, and they are responsible for covering the fees of printing and shipping. They can sell the tickets digitally or offline, track their progress, and can receive donations from their supporters.

The Process

1. Choose the fundraiser program

2. Sign up to order paper or electronic tickets

3. Pay service fee towards printing and shipping of paper tickets. No printing charges for ordering electronic tickets.

4. Sellers earn a profit of 70% by selling these tickets and 30% of the earning goes to the client.

5. On the other hand, ticket holders get a chance to win prizes if the teams mentioned at the back side of the ticket either score the highest points or lowest points than other cards during the entire week.

Through its unique business model, this fundraising company helped its clients raise over $75 million. However, with such a huge client base (2000+) comes some serious challenges.

5 Major Challenges and Its Impact on Client's Business

Challenge No. 1: The back-end portal of the website had very basic functionalities and many glitches.

Impact: Poor website performance

Challenge No. 2: The client did not have a dedicated technical support team to manage the website traffic especially during the live sports events.

Impact: Reduced customer satisfaction

Challenge No. 3: The entire invoice payment process was manual, and data was maintained in excel files.

Impact: Difficulty tracking and managing the invoice payment process

Challenge No. 4: The website interface was unappealing, making it challenging to convert new users.

Impact: Reduced customer engagement

Challenge No. 5: Mobile users were facing trouble in navigating through the client’s website as it was desktop compatible.

Impact: Difficulty attracting mobile users

Our Solution to Address These Challenges

The client approached Softude, a leading software development company, to optimize its website. Our web developers fixed all the back-end issues by using the cutting-edge web development technologies.

We enhanced the website’s technical capabilities, optimized its performance, and automated the manual process of invoice payment. We also worked on several aspects such as adding new features, making it mobile responsive to deliver a complete solution for the client.

Back-End Development

We fixed all the glitches and bugs in the back-end portal that were impacting the website performance. Additionally, we improved the back-end functionalities by adding new features such as automatic database management, invoice creation process to perform calculation over sales, etc.

Technologies Used: ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, and .Net Services

Front-End Development

Having an attractive and user-friendly website interface is crucial for attracting and retaining customers, increasing sales, and driving business growth. Therefore, our next step was to work on the front-end development and make the website mobile responsive to cater to mobile users as well. At this step, we also improved the UI/UX of the website to make it attractive and user-friendly.

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Automatic Invoice Payment Process

The invoice payment process, which was formerly performed manually, has now been automated to optimize the tracking of payment status, invoice generation and sending, as well as payment processing.

We also enabled payment gateways such as such as PayPal, Credit Card, to facilitate online payments securely between the parties involved in transactions.


Since the client has a huge customer base including non-profit organizations, sports fans, and supporters of these charitable organizations, managing the entire data on excel is a bit challenging. For the ease, we created a database to store and manage all the data on one single platform.

Technology Used: Microsoft SQL

The Success

• More than 170% increase in user count  

• 100% increase in signups of organizations

• Over 100% increase in organizations’ sale

• More than 80% rise in client’s profit

• Quick processing of invoice payments due to automation of invoice payment process

• High customer engagement due to mobile-responsive website and engaging UI/UX

• 24x7 technical support to resolve issues quickly

Our solution to the client is a clear testament that technology plays a critical role in driving the success of a business. They don't just need standalone technology, but rather require a strategic approach to incorporate the right set of technologies to future-proof their business operations. Perceive technology as a valuable tool to support your business growth.

If your business is also experiencing setbacks due to gaps in your technology environment/infrastructure and you need the right technical solutions, consult Softude- the leading software development company. We are ready to assist businesses across diverse sectors in finding the ideal technology-based solutions and support to stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

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