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12 Reasons You Should Invest in RPA Solutions

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    March 27, 2020
12 Reasons You Should Invest in RPA Solutions

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA aka bots, is a software-based solution to many of the challenges faced by today’s businesses. It has emerged as an alternative to free up employees for high-priority tasks. If you hire an RPA developer, you can trust this individual to design and program virtual workers that can do everything on their own from maintaining digital records, extracting data from multiple software applications deployed in your business and generating reports in the desired format,  handling customer queries, filling and submitting web-forms and also taking decisions, if needed, in the process execution. The enormous capability of RPA is due to its close association with Artificial Intelligent (AI) and automation. Be it manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, or any other industry, RPA is likely to outpace the expectations placed on it for digital transformation. Below are some of the best reasons to use Robotic Process Automation Solutions for your business.

1. You Can Get Things Done Much Quicker

Thanks to this automation, your processes, especially rule-based and repetitive processes, can run faster, and tasks will be accomplished soon. A recent implementation of Systematix Infotech helped to bring down a human process of 240 minutes to just 10 minutes daily in a large organization. Implementing RPA has brought savings of 230 minutes or let’s say 3 hours and 50 minutes per day, 19 hours 10 minutes in a week, 84 hours 30 minutes in a month, and 1012 hours in a year for the company. RPA freed 1012 hours of employees to work on higher-value tasks. Read the full Case Study here.

Tasks which will add more value to the organization. In another way, this is cutting down your operations cost and adding to your bottom line as well.

2. It Reduces the Errors

Repetitive tasks are monotonous for the human. This makes the tasks error-prone. In fact, human error costs your business a lot of money.  Fortunately, robots love such tasks. They will happily work error-free, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

3. It Improves the Morale of Your Employees

Let’s face it when automation services via bots take over the duties that employees used to do, they’ll always be happy because humans lack interest in doing repetitive tasks. The bottom line is, employees, need jobs that challenge them to feel good about themselves, and allowing RPA to become a part of your business enables them to stick with the challenging jobs they love. In fact, up to 30% of your workforce can be freed up to do other, much more important tasks when you start using RPA.

4. It Is a System That gives Fast Return on Investment

Setting up your robotic process services can usually be done without writing time-consuming APIs. As RPA (robotic process automation) can be implemented quickly, this saves businesses both time and money. ROI on deploying bots is much faster than traditional workflow process improvements which take a longer time in conceptualizing, designing, and deploying. A very high-level estimation for implementation of RPA is 8 to 12 weeks and a typical return on investment is in about 6 months of deployment.

Watch the video on how RPA can make your business process automation fast, error-free and intelligent.

5. It is a System that is Easy to Implement

Using the same graphical user interface (UI), RPA systems can even provide services that only humans could do in the past, including pressing buttons, clicking on icons, and much more. This makes the system easy to use, even without technical assistance from the experts.

6. It helps you to Increase Revenue

With the growth of the organization, new team members are recruited to manage the increased workload. New recruitment means new training. Typically, any new employee hired requires training to adapt to work understanding, processes, and culture. There is a gestation period to be productive as per the organization’s expectations. When processes are done using bots, there is no recruitment, induction or training required because they are already capable of handling voluminous transactions. Therefore, the department’s costs will be low even in the case of increased workloads. So you can focus and generate more revenue with the same set of resources.

7. Your Enterprise Data will be More Secure

Your RPA developer can integrate security controls that can detect compliance violations and quickly alert when something is noticed wrong. This can also be provided in the form of automated reporting. Further, bots can be designed to detect sensitive data. Cognitive bots can refine this automated processing.

8. There will be better GDPR Compliance

Companies are forced to introspect their data management due to increased regulatory and compliance push by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). There is a high probability of customer data leak or errors while copying and pasting data from one source to another. RPA solution can handle customer and/or patient information safely in line with this regulation and safeguard you from customer/ patient data breach.

9. It will Save You a Lot of Money

RPA is not the replacement of your existing systems. It works alongside your existing systems that mean instead of a team member, a robot is doing the job. It will open and access most applications, execute logins, and do whatever humans do on that process. Once a bot is designed, it hardly takes any time for it to replicate the process. Therefore, implementing bots can save you lot of money because instead of hiring new member in the team which definitely take a lot of time in hiring and training,  you can get a bot designed to do the same process much more quickly.

Sharing here one of the implementations that helped save huge money on operations cost. The bot helped in the amending the information that a business owner wishes to make in his Tax Registration profile with the Government. Once the information for amendment is received from the business owner, bots verify and update the amended information in Government records with proper validation being programmed in the bots. With Bots, the verification time for a single amendment form came down to 2 minutes from 2 hours, operational cost reduced by 95%, and the department was able to achieve 100% TAT. Check out the case study here.

10. You don’t need a big IT Team for Implementation or Management

Configuring and implementing robots does not require a high level of IT resources. It starts with understanding and documenting your step-by-step process and configuring those steps by drag and drop in the RPA platform such as UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere. In fact, there is a possibility that the same robot can be used for multiple tasks and even running different processes one by one 24 hours non-stop. This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using RPA as a tool to manage the growth and scale of your business.

11. RPA can Save Duplication of Efforts

Using RPA, changes in data don’t have to be done manually across all applications if you have various applications in your business for different purposes, but each application requiring some small subset of data from one another. With RPA, the changes you make in one application can be designed to change the same in other applications as well. This way, you don’t need to write time-taking and technical APIs to connect and consolidate information. This not only saves you a lot of time but also ensures that your data is accurate and identical across all applications.

Sharing here another implementation which saved duplication of efforts. One of the US-based successful physicians maintained patient records in the Salesforce application. Filling EHR form was mandatory from the compliance perspective. It was essential but a duplicate and time-consuming task. With the 2 bots, Systematix Infotech helped physicians meet compliance and error-free process to have identical records in both the Salesforce and EHR applications. This helped him increase his number of daily consultations by 85%. Check out the case study here.

12. You can be More Focused on Strategic Development

RPA solutions can be utilized to create adaptability so that you can alter your plans if you need to. RPA frees up your employees to devote more time to strategic aspects of their functions. They can do more analytics and process enhancement. They can identify constraints in the systems and work upon making it better than before.

So, if you want to improve your business operations and eliminate unnecessary inefficiencies. Contact us today!!

Our RPA experts will be happy to help you strategize and deploy RPA for your business.

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