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A Few Key AI Use Cases

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  • Driver App
  • Job Card Analysis
  • Inventory Optimization & Spend Management​
  • Part Failure Prediction
  • Predictive Maintenance

Banking & finance

  • NLP Powered Chat/Voice Bot
  • Risk Assessment and Credit Scoring
  • Smart KYC Verification
  • Voice- Activated Banking
  • Cross Selling Product Recommendation


  • AI/ML-Powered Digital VAT and Excise Filing
  • Anomaly and Failure
  • Computer Vision
    Object Detection System for Defence
  • Prediction for Power Grids

Retail & Ecommerce

  • Audience Sentiment Analysis
  • Customer Retention & Churn Analysis
  • E-commerce Integration & Automation
  • Personalized Product Recommendation

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Developed versatile tools applicable across various industries and organizations.

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AI Consulting

Analyzing your current situation and outlining a seamless implementation plan.

Proof of Concept

Assessing the feasibility and ROI of AI initiatives.

Development and Deployment

Developing and deploying tailored AI models, with ongoing support.

Analytics and Insights

Forecasting predictive insights from data, driving informed decision-making.

Client Success Stories

Production Optimization Of Manufacturing Plants​

Client Background

A global textile manufacturing firm & exporters of knitted textile products.


Utilized statistical models to forecast performance, considering various factors such as order quantity, sewing time, and resource allocation.


Interactive dashboard was provided where client can enter details based on sales order and see the predicted results.​

Sentiment Analysis Using Social Media Data​

Client Background

World’s leading Breakfast & Cereals manufacturing company ​


Client and its comeptitors data was extracted using API. Sentiment analysis was performed on the data after preprocessing. ​


  • Highlighted the top users and overall sentiment analysis of customer opinions. ​
  • Comparison with competitors based on user emotions. ​

Customer Retention and Churn Analysis​

Client Background

20 billion dollar telecom service provider in US.​


21 attributes were analysed and 6 churn parameters were selected. ​ML Algorithm was written for predicting churn​


Interactive dashboard was provided where client can enter details based on sales order and see the predicted results.​

The AI Strategist in Charge

Meet Mradul Kanugo, our Chief of AI! From a young age, Mradul was driven by a burning passion for innovation. As a kid, he was already captivated by the endless possibilities of technology. He was also featured on the front page of Shillong Times' on becoming the Google Student Ambassador. Today, he's a key player in the AI world, still fueled by that same passion, shaping the future of artificial intelligence, one project at a time.

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I had the pleasure of collaborating with Softude on a complex AI project centered around ChatGPT, Python, and AWS server deployment, incorporating sensitive private documents. From the project's inception, they demonstrated remarkable proficiency by conceptualizing the project architecture, selecting appropriate technologies, and outlining the necessary resources for a seamless implementation.
Rasesh Amin
CEO, Jash
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Softude has demonstrated excellent performance on our confidential and significant project. Their responsiveness and efficiency in delivering results have been noteworthy. They effectively addressed the challenges presented and made improvements to the implementation in an agile manner. They possesses strong architecture and programming skills, which have greatly contributed to the project's success. Despite the limited prior experience in our industry, they quickly grasped the business side of things. Overall, their performance has been commendable.
CEO of a Healthtech Company

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