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Node JS is a perfect choice for building large-scale, real time, full-stack web and desktop applications. Node JS is one of our core competencies. Our team comprises of experienced Node.js developers who along with UI/UX designers, QA specialist, and developers across other technologies help you create high-performing custom Node JS based digital solutions for businesses.

Why Node JS is the right choice?

NodeJS is a platform built on Google V8 JavaScript runtime ideal for building fast, scalable and high-performance applications. The best way to delight and amaze your customers is to choose Node.JS development for your application. As Node.JS performs 10 times faster on the client side and less resource demanding on the serve side. Node.JS is extensively used and widely adopted by world’s top-notch brands such as LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter, eBay and Dow Jones etc. Here are the technical reasons that will help select Node.js

Our peer-to-peer NodeJS
development services

Softude is your one stop destination if you are planning to hire NodeJS developers. Our dedicated developers have proven experience in creating NodeJS applications that runs smoothly on end user’s devices. Have a look at the wide range of NodeJS development services we offer:
Node JS Web Development

Our dedicated NodeJS developers are committed to deliver stable web services with custom features for every industry niche across the globe.

Node JS App Development

We create cross-platform or custom mobile applications with quality-driven performance that works eloquently on every device and various OS platforms.

Node JS Web App Development

Our NodeJS developers are capable of creating real-time web apps that offers efficient yet fast performance. NodeJS is best choice for lightweight eCommerce web applications.

Custom API Development & Integration

We are expert in developing custom APIs with custom build features and functionalities. Our APIs can be easily integrated within the NodeJS software solution.

Custom Node JS Portal Development

Our full stack NodeJS developers have proven experience to create cost-effective business or industry portal services that helps in managing business resources.

Custom UI/UX Design & Development

Our intuitive yet interactive UI/UX design and development services for custom NodeJS application software can help you to drive your business to new horizons of success.

Custom Node JS Plugins Development

We offer custom plugin development for NodeJS applications to enable custom features and functionalities that fulfill all your industry-specific business requirements.

Node JS Migration & Up-gradation

Our dedicated developers are pioneers of NodeJS migration & upgradation to scale your business according to modern customer demands. With Softude, you can migrate your existing solutions in lesser downtime.

Node JS Support & Maintenance

To enhance the usability experience of NodeJS applications for your targeted audience, our dedicated team is available round the clock for offering consistent support and maintenance services.

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Leverage our sound functional knowledge of event loop principal in Node.js development for high quality, feature rich, functionally robust, real-time, high traffic driven web and mobile apps

Validating your web authority.
Node by node!

Embrace the power NodeJS with our cost effective NodeJS development services. No matter where your business is headed, NodeJS can help you build a better and more effective website and web apps.

Great performance

I/O operations of NodeJS are non-blocking and event-driven, making end-user applications lightweight. Even with heavy traffic of users and data, performance of NodeJS applications are not affected.


With NodeJS, there is no need to make any changes all the way back to core code, you just have to change only one node. This is not only good for initial build, but also for ongoing maintenance and updates.

Microservice architecture

NodeJS web apps are built over numerous modules, so each processes are independent of other modules. The microservice architecture of NodeJS offers limitless scalability even with modest budget.

Readymade solutions

Node Package Manager (NPM) is a great toolkit with dozens of open-source modules for creating apps with high scalability. Being an enormous time-saver toolkit, it enables to deliver end app in a short time.


NodeJS is capable of handling concurrent requests. The cluster module in NodeJS can facilitate the load balancing over multiple active CPU cores. 

Quick caching

NodeJS also offers the benefit of caching single modules. So whenever there is a request for the first module, it is directly cached in the app memory. 


Delivering result-driven business solutions

Our dedicated NodeJS developers follow best practices to execute even the most complex and large-scale products. Hire dedicated NodeJS developers form Softude to build fully fledged enterprise-grade NodeJS applications, tailored for all types of businesses.

Node.js Development

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Leveraging Node.js

Our NodeJS consultants are well aware of security concerns, database interaction, and API usage for delivering high-end solutions to clients. Check out our wide range of exceptional NodeJS projects we have crafted for our clients.

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Check out answers to some of the most common questions or queries.

The price for Node.js project development is decided by multiple factors. The most important are, the platform used for development, the project’s size, complexity, the tech stack, the location of the developer and the features you would like to include for your app. Contact us with your ideas and specifications to receive the most precise estimation.

The timeframe will depend on the requirements, size, and the scope of your project. It generally is between 3 and 8 weeks to finish a project, while other factors such as size of the project, customization, integration features, and the functionality of your site can affect the timeline.

Yes. It is required that you provide a complete codebase to your current application. With a team of skilled node.js experts, we provide support and upgrade services as well as bug fixing and other enhancements using the latest NodeJS technology.

NodeJS is extensively used for server-side development because it offers support to the interaction between backend tools. It provides a range of database and APIs to facilitate better development of backends. Furthermore, NodeJS supports an event-driven I/O model which allows non-blocking synchronization.

In the first place, you must make contact with us to ensure that our developers and project managers learn about the requirements of your project. After a discussion, if you’re willing to work with us, we’ll start working with you on the project. Project managers from our team will be able to provide you with updates on your project on each working day.

Hiring Softude’s NodeJS developers can benefit you in a variety of ways. We will provide dedicated NodeJS development services, with exceptional speed and safety. We have managed a huge variety of complicated NodeJS development projects.

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