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Softude is among the early promoters of digitization using low code. Our low-code line of action promotes customization and integration at all levels. With our full-spectrum low code development services, we provide the best of platform advisory, MVP & pilot engagements, program development, and evolutionary support to help businesses get the most value in their niche of progressive excellence.

What Is Low Code development?

Low-code application development offers a programming framework that allows professional developers to build mobile and web applications in an interactive GUI-based development environment. In a low-code app development platform, developers interact with visually configured coding resources and elements such as drag-and-drop modelers, smart services, components, and pre-built connectors. Unlike traditional hand-coded programming, it is a progressive development approach built on an agile development model that allows fast and iterative application development along with easy functional validation and testing for accelerated delivery.

Low-Code solutions areas

The concept of low code development surfaces from the ever-compelling need of businesses to least depend on the time-taking and resource-intensive practices of traditional coding. Programming automation is the tipping point and the crucial need of this hour. Low code development is disruptive at evading the undue process lags and costs in the conventional approach.

Business process management

Low code development can help you build enterprise-level programs to enhance your productive and operational range. We can build applications to manage process workflows and automate business practices through custom service dashboards, system-integrated resources, and project management tools.

On-premise applications

With our proficient low-code app development services, we can deliver high-end on-premise software applications. The solution can be anything from building a service kiosk to developing an IoT-based biometric system or allowing you to manage desk operations at your customer service facility.

AI-driven transformation

With our low-code app development services, we aim at streamlining people, data, and processes in a cohesive workflow that is built on an AI-enabled system automation framework to minimize manual efforts. We build AI-based solutions to best serve the digital transformation purpose of businesses.

Custom Low Code Development Services

As a pioneer in the segment of low-code app development, we own the expertise to build custom frameworks and micro-service architectures to best address your business requirements. We have built immersive applications to help businesses to perform and deliver at the best of their potential.

Low-code Development platforms we work on

We have a team of expert low-code developers who have great expertise working with the most renowned low-code tools and platforms. We have delivered solutions working on the top 5 low-code platforms that have proven to be the fastest and easiest alternative to traditional programming. 


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We have a team of expert low-code developers who have great expertise working with the most renowned low-code tools and platforms.

Benefits Of Low Code application
development platforms

Low-code application platforms are known for their agile development framework that is built on an iterative development model, automated workflows, and self-help visual templates, collaboratively producing an interactive development environment that dramatically reduces the effort, time, and cost of application development.
These platforms are seeing significant growth and acceptance due to the compliance and ease they offer in building Proof of Concepts, pilot and full-blown customized web and mobile applications of any size and complexity, without the need for typical coding skills.

Agile frame work

Low-code development platforms support the agile model of development that offers dynamic transitions and programming prompts across the process to development to make the execution smooth and fast.

Lowers times to value

It takes less time to create the program interface layer or add service functionality compared to the traditional coding platforms that require hefty coding and involve technical knowledge, unlike the low-code platforms.

Easy transformation

With low-code development, it becomes easy to implement functional changes and add resource attributes to the existing programs. This aids in sustainable transformation and accelerated growth of the application.

Scalable solution

With low-code platforms, developers can build solutions that can be scaled to perform. Built on collaborative cloud-native architecture, it makes it easy to extend the service capacity and processing strength across the functional channel.

Big cost-saver

Low-code development is highly cost-efficient due to the ease of development it offers. This is certainly one of the most significant factors that make it a highly popular and all-pervasive development approach.

Multi-level experience design

Low-code development is characterized by setting up multiple layers of experience design. It offers design templates, automated refactoring, interoperable components, and service plugins to enhance user interface and user experience.

Enterprise-grade security

Low-code programming is increasingly becoming a relevant development practice among businesses as it offers high security for building enterprise applications through multi-factor authentication and validation practices.

Automated refactoring

It offers automated refactoring for responsive applications. Low-code development broadly facilitates performance, integrity, and consistency of structures and elements across various screen types and display formats.

Low maintenance

Low-code frameworks set up the process of quality validation by keeping a close rendering-level check across the phase of application development. This significantly reduces the need for application maintenance.


Hire dedicated Low Code app developers

We are a full-service low-code app development company delivering rich PoCs and MVPs to save your day from dud deliverables and unwarranted projects. So, you can be sure of your idea and pilot-run it to a successful full-scale launch.

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Leveraging Node.js

Our NodeJS consultants are well aware of security concerns, database interaction, and API usage for delivering high-end solutions to clients. Check out our wide range of exceptional NodeJS projects we have crafted for our clients.

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Depending on the size and complexity of the project, it may take anywhere from a week to a few months to build an app with low-code programming. Due to agile development prompts, visual WYSIWYG environment, and rapid prototyping, the time required in the process gets almost half compared to building applications with the traditional coding approach.
Of many tools and platforms offering low-code application development, Zoho Creator is one of the most expansive and resourceful tools to build web and mobile applications. It offers an interactive development environment promoting dynamic drag-and-drop components to generate app codes through model-driven logic. The platform offers great support for customization and is valued highly for technical assistance.
There’s no certain limitation to building solutions on a low-code platform. Low-code app development platforms support building different types of enterprise applications, data-intensive solutions, business intelligence apps, workflow management software, and customer services applications for both mobile and web platforms.

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